Heating issue on android smartphone

Android Phones are trend all over the world. Every One out of three now has a android phone. Android OS has all things a user wants: great ecosystem, less bloatware, smooth and of course no lag. But all these with no downsides ? Not possible. Many android users are now facing the problem of heating. Whenever the play games for quite a bit time there android smartphones heats like hell. Well this issue is in all majorly android devices except a few. Well excessive heating should be considered dangerous because it can damage the phone internal components and other hardware. So for those folks we have written a tutorial on the solution of Heating after hours of use.

Prerequisites to fix or solve heating issue of Android

  1. Rooted Android phone
  2. Proton voltage control (Search on the web to download Proton voltage control app for android)

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Procedure for fixing android heating issue

  • Download the Proton app and install it on your android device.
  • Open the newly installed app and select the option which says “custom voltage”.
  • After selecting the custom voltage feature, fill the voltage just like given in the below image.


  • After filling the custom voltage. Now close the app and do a quick reboot and thats all your android heating problem will be gone and also take a note that this may cause a decrease in performance.

We hope you enjoy the solution for heated android smartphone. This tutorial can be used on any expensive or cheap android phone to fix the high heating issue after using for hours.