From the the extreme large game-library in Google PlayStore, Here are some of the best andriod games which are a must play games. If you hadn’t downloaded or tried them yet then Do it now.

1.Modern Combat 5: Blackout:

We all know how great Mortal combat 4 was, and believe me this one is too. Modern Combat 5 the latest in Gameloft’s mobile homage to grown-up home console FPS franchises, in which you gun about the place alone or in online multiplayer matches. Nice to see Gameloft offering everything in a one-off install here, rather than packing it with in-app purchases.

2.Fast & Furious 6:

If you like racing game then this is the best game for you .This game features brand new cars with many customisation available.With it’s awesome graphics, all-new game modules and complete throttle objectives this game has taken the mobile racing to brand-new heights.

3.Radiant Defence:

The tower defence genre is in credibly famous on Android, thanks to the poke and press play mechanics being ideally suited to your touchscreen play. Radiant Defence is a great example of the simplified strategy concept, presenting its war action in a futuristic neon style that looks awesome on any phone with the grunt to do it justice.



4. Shadow Fight 2:

Shadow Fight 2 is a action game and complimentary to play. It is the sequel to the previous shadow fight. It is a nail-biting mix of RPG and timeless Fighting. You can upgrade your character with many unconventional armour sets and deadly weapons. This game has a lots of lifelike-animated Martial Arts methods. You need to squash your opponents, bear down devil employers, and be the one to close eviction of Shadows.

5. Transformers Age Of Extinction:

Are you a fan of the Transformers movie?? Play this game if you are. While playing you can take pleasure in and get Experience dynamite and suspense-filled Hollywood action in Transformers: Age of Extinction. There is a all brand-new range of 3D impacts. You can even get various objectives to take down evil Decepticons opponents with your powerful cast of Autobot heroes.

6. Gunship Battle: Helicopter 3D:

GUNSHIP BATTLE is all-new helicopter action game and when you begin this game you can get experience of spectacular 3D graphics.It consists air travel control simulation and appealing lifelike military situations as well as it will certainly draw you into an immerse battle experience. While playing you can get the most effective battle helicopters on the planet.

7. Modern Sniper:

This game comes with the 50 criminal activity shooter objectives.Now you can get your duty as a modern-day sniper and play your part in dangerous attacks and quiet assassin objectives. Eliminate a team of opponents from street or get the single prominent target. Gain access to the stock of sniper rifles and attack rifles and with the assistance of your marksman abilities to complete the work.


This game is loads of fun. Has a bit of an ‘indie’ vibe about it this one, with Badland offering a weird, dark and gloomy world, in which you fly about in control of blob thing. Your blob gets bigger and smaller, splits into loads of mini clones, and generally baffles you about what might lie around the next corner. We like a bit of a surprise, and this is full of them.

9.Temple Run 2:

Now you can delight in Temple Run 2 with gorgeous brand-new graphics and stunning natural environment. You can get more of the re-creative running, turning, jumping and moving in Temple Run 2. Wend to riskful mines, cliffs, zip lines, and forests as you attempt to leave with menstruation idol. you can likewise take pleasure in brand-new barriers, more power ups and accomplishments. Can get some unique powers for each character.

10. Tiny Thief :

Tiny Thief is a perfect fit for you, with a simple tap used to both move and interact with objects as you navigate increasingly intricate levels trying to complete objectives (which as the name suggests usually involve stealing things), while staying hidden and solving puzzles.The game play might be simple but the humour and imagination should keep a smile on your face for the duration. Better yet, you can play half the game for free.