It’s a entirely new Apple product in five years developed after the death of Steve Jobs. It’s full of new hardware, new software, and entirely new ideas .It’s something where the worlds of fashion and technology intersect.The Apple Watch comes in three different models, two different sizes, and six different finishes, with a range of swappable bands and prices ranging from $349, £299 all the way up to $17,000, £13,500.
It’s designed to be Apple’s most personal product.But it just has to answer one question: would you actually use the Apple Watch instead of your phone?Everyone loves their phone. The only real question a smartwatch like the Apple Watch needs to answer is “why would I use this instead of my phone?” Much like most other smartwatches, the Apple Watch isn’t a standalone device — it’s a phone accessory. Android Wear, Samsung Gear, Pebble and others work the same way. But in this case you must own an iPhone 5 or later to use this Watch.It either needs to be in Bluetooth range (30 or so feet), or it can connect over Wi-Fi in a home or office to extend that range further. Three are also some Apple Watch functions that work away from the phone, but the watch primarily works alongside the phone as a second screen.
It’s surprisingly heavy. That might simply be a function of how unfamiliar watches have become;this stainless steel Apple Watch with leather loop band weighs 2.9 ounces, which is more than the plastic Nixon’s 1.7 ounces or the 1.8-ounce Moto 360.The bottom line is that the Apple Watch isn’t light enough to fade away, but it’s also not so heavy that it’s a distraction.

It turns out that Siri, a feature people(most) barely use on my phone, is noticeably useful on Apple Watch. Like Google Now on Android Wear, it’s much easy to speak and do things in such ways that can cut through the menus and swipes. Opening apps, sending messages, getting directions are just the starters. You can reach Siri by pressing and holding the crown button, or by raising your wrist and saying, “Hey, Siri.” Voice recognition was excellent, surprisingly quick and more useful than you’d expect.

Communication, fitness, information, time: these are the core Apple Watch functions, something like Samsung’s Gear smartwatches, but more fully real. It has it’s own set of animated emoji which are weird as well as cute.One great thing about the Apple Watch’s notifications is that you can individually manage them, like on the iPhone. You can also set them differently than the iPhone, depending on what you need
Apple Watch receives messages from friends, send texts and lets you dictate messages, make speakerphone calls, ping people with animated emoji, give love taps long-distance or send your heartbeat as a sort of long-distance hug. It tracks your steps, logs runs and monitors your heart rate. And yes, you can use Apple Watch to listen to music via wireless Bluetooth headphones. You can play songs like an iPod, get notifications and run apps like a mini iPhone and make payments with Apple Pay. And it has a totally new force-sensitive display that’s never been seen before.
Customers can now try on and buy the watches, but the company says people will not get them until weeks later in the UK — elsewhere, it could be longer.
Relatively few will actually walk out of shops wearing their new accessory.
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