download torrents via idm directly

Many of us Use torrent to download files and we love it too. However, We love idm more than torrent because of it amazing downloading speed. So, what if we download torrent files with idm it will be awesome right? and yeah in this article we will be showing you how to download torrent files via idm or with the help of idm. If you are not using torrent You should give it a try you will love it. It has all the functions like play, pause and resume and much more.

How to download torrent files Directly with IDM easily.

  1. Download the Torrent Which You want To download via idm. It should be upto 1Gb only. If you want to download a larger torrent then you have to buy premium package of the website which we will be using.
  2. Visit Zbigz  website link.  Zbigz is a free website which allows you to download torrent directly through idm. Note: Free account users are limited to download file up to 1 Gigabyte but premium account users can download unlimited files simultaneously and superfast downloads.
  3. Sign Up For a Free account or Premium according to your needs and preference. (premium is recommended)
  4. Click on Main Tab and upload the torrent which you want to Download.
  5. Click On Go button.
  6. Your torrent will be start cached after it is cached it will be ready to download in zip package.
    torrent via idm using zbigz
  7. Now you can download it via internet download manager easily.
Your torrent file will be available in your zbigz account for 7 days. You can pause or resume download in idm for up to seven days. After seven days the file will be removed. While premium account holders can have permanently and can download files larger than 1 Gb. If your download doesn’t start in idm directly then you have to enable idm extension in your browser.
Let us know your queries about how to download  torrent via idm directly in comment section below.