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We all loved the Lollipop Update.Well now the time has come for the new update.We know what comes after ‘L’ don’t we? That’s right Android M.


And in this post you will know everything there is about Android M.

However Android Lollipop have only arrived to 10 percent of devices and the attention is already turning towards the upcoming update, currently known as Android M.
It hasn’t been official yet but we all are pretty sure that Google is going to unveil about Android M at it’s I/O this May 2015.


android m details

Here is the list of the new featured it is rumoured to have and which we expect from it :-


  • The New Notification interface – We’ve already witnessed a alteration in the notification view from KitKaT to Lollipop. And it is rumoured that the Android M will allow users to send a reply directly from the notification bar. Built-in filtering would allow you to quickly dispatch or delete emails, texts or whatsapp messages. This feature just might bring Android M more users.
android m notification feature


  • The Multi-Window – Many smartphones already have this feature and you can even add this feature to your phone by an android app but Android M will bring it to all devices running it.
android m multi window feature


  •  Smart home – Android 5.0 Lollipop already focuses on consolidating everything Android has brought us thus far and makes attempts at providing a more stable and quality-assured platform. On the broader front, the Smart Home will be an increasingly important feature of Android, with complete control over your connected devices at home and in the office via Nest and other third-party makers .


  • A newer, better Google Wallet  Google, by contrast, attempted to launch Google Wallet three years ago but Android fragmentation means it hasn’t been able to gain a foothold.Now certain Android handsets like the Samsung Galaxy Alpha and Huawei Ascend Mate 7 offer fingerprint scanners which could be used for secure payment. Once the security is in place, Google could approach credit card companies in the hope of rebooting Google Wallet for Android M.


android m google wallet feature



  • Guest accounts and parental controls–  Some smartphones already have the guest mode for example the LG G3 but native Android still lacks the feature.The advantages of having a locked-down guest mode will be clear to anyone that’s handed their phone to a friend or child to use for a while. You don’t necessarily want them browsing through your personal data or having access to your credit card account.By extension, parental controls could be tightened up with said guest (or child) mode as in-app payments or separate Google Play purchases can be disabled.
  • More Materialistic design and animations – Everybody loves the animations and Android 5.0 managed to get us some of those. But this update should have more animations and it is sure to have a more improved design to attract more non android users.
These are some of the many features of the upcoming Android M. Stay tuned to get more.
So what do you think Android M should have?? Be sure to let us know in the Comment section below..