Microsoft’s first two generations of the Surface 2-in-1 were already fascinating enough, but they also had some drawbacks. And the Surface Pro 3 is a huge leap forward. That brings us to Microsoft’s lightest and thinnest Surface yet .
microsoft surface 3 tablet review
You might call the Surface 3, the “Surface Pro 3 Mini.” Seriously, if you took the Surface Pro 3, shrunk it down a little and took away some of its processing power and some other little things and boom : you got yourself the Surface 3.
What that specs might not tell you, is that the Surface 3 is better than the Surface Pro 3. Considering it’s $250 cheaper (once you add keyboard and pen), that’s something to get excited about.
The Surface 3 is that Microsoft finally made a non-“Pro” Surface that runs full Windows, including desktop apps. Instead of trying to be an iPad rival with a keyboard, the Surface 3 sticks with Microsoft’s strengths, running both touch-based and legacy Windows apps.
It’s also the first non-Pro Surface that’s compatible with the Surface Pen. It can use the exact same (excellent) Surface Pen that you get with the Pro 3, helping you to navigate desktop apps, get some nice pressure-sensitive input in Photoshop. 

microsoft surface 3 review pen indian


The only complaint about the Surface Pen compatibility is that, unlike with the Pro, you have to buy the pen separately. That’s an extra $50 to add to your purchase and if you’re buying it then I recommend getting the pen.
Battery life isn’t amazing, but it is still good. In my benchmark, the Surface 3 scored almost exactly what the Surface Pro 3 scored in the same test. There are laptops that do better than this, but these are still good results – and much better than the first two generations of Surfaces.
When you do need to charge, the Surface 3 now uses a microUSB cable. If you own any smartphones or tablets that aren’t made by Apple, chances are you have at least one or two of these laying around.
If you’re shopping for a Windows 2-in-1 or a laptop in the $600-800 range, we think the Surface 3 deserves a spot on your list. The Surface 3 may be closer to an iPad rival . But once you get yourself with that Surface Pen, the Surface 3 becomes a different type of tablet: one that runs some tablet apps along with loads of great desktop apps.
… and it will only get better when Windows 10 launches to the public, later this year.
microsoft surface 3 tablet indian review


The Microsoft Surface 3 is available now, starting at $500 for the tablet only (that’s only 64 GB storage, but it does have a microSD slot). The keyboard ($130) is an essential addition to your purchase, and we think the Surface Pen ($50) is almost essential. So consider its starting price to be $680. You can Buy it via or