xbox one may 2015 update
Microsoft have announced just what to expect when you update your Xbox One console this month. Many of the changes come through the Xbox Feedback where users can request and vote on changes in subsequent updates.

The New Features Microsoft added to the new xbox one update

1.) Party Chat will soon receive dedicated servers to solve “NAT traversal issues” — dedicated servers were originally introduced for Xbox One preview members back in March, but others could still take advantage of the feature if one member of a party was enrolled in the program.

2.) Voice Messages have been available on Xbox 360 for close to a decade, but they had not been an option on Xbox One until this month. The Add Audio Message function now lets you send voice recordings to your friends across both Xbox One and Xbox 360. More than 6,600 votes were cast on Xbox Feedback for this feature.

3.) Screenshots – Take screenshots of Windows PC games by pressing Windows + Alt + PrtScr. Just as with Game DVR, you can also do this by clicking the “Screenshot” button on the Game bar.

4.) Wireless Display App – Try the Wireless Display app to cast photos stored on your phone to your Xbox One, or to stream non-protected video content from your PC to your Xbox.

5.) User-selectable Power Mode – Select your preferred power mode, either Instant-on or Energy-saving mode.The Xbox One SmartGlass app now allows you to turn your system on and off, assuming you are on the same Wi-Fi network.

6.) Real Name Sharing – Microsoft has also been working to bring the Xbox App on Windows 10 more in line with the Xbox One. Just a few weeks ago, the company announced new screenshot support, as well as an avatar customization app . Windows 10 now also includes pre-loaded Xbox One controller drivers.
real name sharing may 2015 update xbox
7.) Xbox Controller Drivers – The drivers for Xbox controllers are now included with Windows 10, so you no longer have to download and install controller drivers on Windows 10.
The Xbox app will automatically update to the April preview version when it becomes available in the Windows Store. Once you receive the update, your version number should be 4.4 or higher. You can verify the version number of the Xbox app in Settings.

And many more features are yet to be announced. Stay tuned to know about them.
If you’re interested in affecting what gets included in future Xbox One updates, the Xbox Feedback site currently has three “in-progress” proposals available for voting. Cross-platform play with Windows 10 was announced this January.