Finally Oneplus Fanboys there is a good news for you all. The most awaited oneplus one Bamboo Back Cover is finally available.

Replacing the Sandstone Black/Silk White Back Covers

Use the blue tool (which resembles a guitar pick) that comes with the accessory to pop out all the clips that hold the back cover in place. You can also use the headphone jack to pop out the first notch at the top of the phone.

Installing the Bamboo Cover

Just snap the Bamboo StyleSwap Cover into place and pop the replacement SIM tray provided with the accessory (micro or nano SIMs). You are good to go and flaunt your one-of-a-kind accessory acquisition!

Where Can i Buy

Well you can buy this beautiful backcover at at a agressive price of ₹ 1,499. 
OnePlus is providing this special price for their indian customers and users. However the actual price of this bamboo back cover is ₹ 3,000.  Other things included in the box is an installation guide, the blue tool for separating the back cover from the phone. Two bamboo-themed SIM card trays are also provided, one for a microSIM card and another for nanoSIMs. Also checkout designer back cover here.
Well let us know about what you feel about this stunning bamboo cover in the comment section below!