How to Integrate, connect or add Google Analytics to Blogger blog 2015 tutorial

Google Analytics blogger setup

Google Analytics is an analytics service offered by google to all the webmasters for free, so that they can track their website reader’s experience and make modifications according to it. It is very important and recommended that you add google analytics into your blog or website. Google analytics provides many features such as real time count, website stats and much more.

And in this article we are going to tell you and will be covering on the topic how to add google analytics to blogger blog. Simply follow the below guide to integrate analytics to or blogspot blog and learn how to connect or add google analytics to blogger 2015

Steps to add Google analytics into Blogger blog easily.

Step by step tutorial on how to setup google analytics into blogger blog 2015. 

  1. First you have to register your account on analytics so go ahead and visit Google analytics website.
  2. After the website has been opened clicked on the top-right side on Access analytics step 1
  3. Click on the sign up signup options
  4. Fill the details like your website name, account name analytics details form
  5. After filling your details they will give you tracking code so that you can verify your site in blogger blog.
  6. Copy that tracking code and visit your blogger blog and goto template, take a backup first and click on Edit Html.
  7. After your site or blog’s template code window will be opened just paste your code above the body tag. To do that press Ctrl + f on your keyboard and type </body> and paste it just before that.
  8. After pasting your tracking code go back to analytics account and copy your tracking id.
  9. After copying your tracking id just visit your blog and click on setting > other and paste your tracking id in respective analytics tracking id blogger

After following above steps wait for 1 day and after that check your analytics account it will be showing your website data such as total visits, User behavior and much more. Just check each facility and you will get familiar with analytics too. Also look at how to setup custom domain on blogger

I hope you understand how to add google analytics to blogger blog 2015 or website and if not please comment below and we will look into it.