how to increase internet speed on android and ios 2015

Despite the availability of 3G and 4G cellular communication technologies which allow us to have access to the Internet wherever we are, it doesn’t hurt to get a bit of a boost when it comes to getting a faster Internet connection Internet speed does not completely depend on the data plan which you have subscribed from your Internet service provider. there are many changes to apply in your Android phone’s settings to increase Internet speed.

How to increase internet speed on android mobile 2015

Here we have listed few most effective tricks that will surely help you in boosting Internet speed on Android  phone:

 Trick to increase net connectivity on android mobile and ios phone 2015 (Steps)

Below are some tips on how to increase internet speed on android mobile 2015

  • Free up some RAM– In order to get fast browsing speed, it is important to have sufficient memory space on your phone. Set external storage location to save any file after download is completed. By freeing up internal phone memory you can achieve better performance while browsing.
  • Update Your phone–  If you haven’t updated your phone browser then do it. Also, update your Android phone to the latest definitions bring by Google to fix and optimize phone’s performance.
  • Change your browser – There are so many phone browsers that offer fast browsing speed on Android for example, UC, Opera Mini, Chrome, Firefox, Dolphin etc. Switch to any of these browsers and experience the change.
  • Clear the cache – Cache can be considered as a hidden memory on browser that is used by browser to save web documents that are frequently being visited on browser. Delete cache data regularly to get fast browsing speed.Similarly you can delete cookies from your phone’s browser.
    Web history, download history, bookmarks, installed plugins should also be removed from browser to enhance browser performance.
  • Install some of these apps – Here are some Android apps that can help boost speeds to tolerable levels, and help you survive the long holiday gatherings.
  • Using IDM for Downloading Files – If you’re a download junkie then I prefer that you use Idm to download your files rather than using other apps like uTorrent. You can even download the torrent files using IDM .
  • Changing your Telecom Network Operator – In case after following all the methods above you are still facing issues, the last best option I would recommend is to change your network operator. Yeah that’s right because it’s your network provider whose at fault. Customising your smartphone won’t help a lot if your network provider is bad. So shift to a good company and enjoy faster Internet connectivity.
 These were the methods to increase net connectivity on android mobile. You can use these methods to increase net connectivity in ios too.