For those guys in the market for a 4K streaming box with gaming capabilities, Nvidia now have released just the product for you : The Shield Pro fot the Ultimate Entertainment Experience. It’s an early adopter of Android TV, packs 500GB of internal storage, 3GB of RAM and Nvidia’s Tegra X1 mobile superchip into a device twice as powerful as an Xbox 360 while using only half the power input.

nvidia sheild pro avail


If set-top boxes were graded on looks alone, the Shield would win the competition. This slim, angular shard is traced by diagonal ridges, alternating glossy and matte-black finishes, and a razor-sharp sideways green “V” that illuminates when it’s on. Now that’s pretty awesome.
Aside from the $700 Sony FMP-X10, the Shield is the only external device that can stream Netflix at 4K resolution. It’s the only external device aside from a computer that can stream YouTube’s 4K videos, although they aren’t easy to find among the thousands of other videos there.

Though it”s not nearly as affordable as $79 Google’s Nexus player, the $199 Nvidia Shield brings 4K video streaming to an Android-powered set-top box for the first time. While both Sharp and Sony currently offer 4K television sets that sport the platform, Nvidia Shield marks Android TV’s 4K debut on a device separate from the TV itself.
Aside from its more linear entertainment capabilities, both of these Nvidia Shield models feature GRID support, which enables various PC games, such as the Batman: Arkham series and Ultra Street Fighter IV, to be streamed from the cloud without a fancy gaming computer.All in all, the Nvidia Shield offers one of the cheaper ways to stream 4K content.The interface is lightning-fast even with relatively complex apps. Moreover Nvidia is temporarily offering a $30 Google Play credit, a 3-month subscription to Google Play Music, and a voucher for Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel as a limited-time bonus to anyone who purchases the Nvidia Shield Pro.

The Shield and Shield Pro are available now on Nvidia’s website, at Best Buy, and on Amazon for  $199 and $299, respectively.