Setting up Bigrock’s Custom Domain on Blogger Tutorial

how to setup a custom domain on blogger easily.

Bigrock is one of the best domain provider in india and you can easily buy a custom domain from it. I always use bigrock for buying custom domain’s because it is cheap and i never encounter any problems with it yet.

You can make a blog without using custom domain too but that looks very unprofessional and to make it look professional we have to buy a domain and a .com cost around 10$ a year, the price depends upon which domain you buy i.e .in, .net, .org etc. The most popular one is .com so today we will show you how to setup or use a .com custom domain on blogger. As i already told you about bigrock’s feature so we will use it only in this tutorial however, you can use any domain provider like Godaddy and Namecheap for this tutorial according to your choice but you have to look a little bit as there layout and ui will be a little different from bigrock’s.

Steps to add a .com custom domain to blogger using BigRock

  • First you have to buy the domain so headover to bigrock and purchase and login to cpanel. (You can use our coupon code
dns management bigrock custom domain tutorial
  • In your domain provider cpanel look for option called DNS Management.
  • Now in dns management page click on add A Record and add the below four ips.
adding ips custom domain bigrock tutorial

  • ¬†After adding the above ips click on add CNAME and add www in name field and add in the value field.
  • After adding these both records CNAME and A record, setup a blogger blog.
how to add .com to blogger blog url
  • Now Goto Setting>Basic>Publishing and click on edit and your domain address.
  • It will give you some error and don’t worry as it is a part of process.
  • It will give some values one will be short and other will be long. Just copy the short value and goto cpanel of your domain provider.
  • Now add a CNAME record and paste the value in the name section.
  • After pasting the first value i.e short one goback to blogger and copy the second the long value.
  • Paste the long value in the value section.
  • Now save the cname record and wait for some hours for the dns update. And after that comeback to blogger and add your domain and now this time it will not give you any error and will be saved.
  • After saving it again click on edit and tick the checkbox saying redirect yourdomainname without www and click save.
So this was the process to setup a .com custom domain on blogger using bigrock. Leave your comments regarding this tutorial below.