So guys as you may be knowing that blogger provides  free hosting basically you can setup a professional looking blog/site without paying a dime. It also provides many customization such as uploading your custom template and editing post html. While some may like blogger’s default template but vast majority of blogger’s users prefer a custom template. So to that you need to follow some steps. Uploading a custom template in blogger is very easily but i think if you are new then you won’t be knowing So below i have a written an article about it for you.

How to upload Template in blogger easily 2015

How to upload template in blogger

In this tutorial we will be covering the topic how to upload blogger template or how to change blogger’s template. The template can be easily changed but blogger allow only .xml templates. So, make sure your blogger theme .xml. Now we are ready to do it. Below i have written the steps along with some images for a better understanding.

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Steps to upload or install custom blogger template 2015 tutorial

  • Visit Your blogger dashboard or overview and make sure you have the template ready with you which you want to upload in blogger.

upload blogger template 2015

  • Now after the overview window is open, click on Template on the left side of the window.
  • Now it’s time to backup your blog default template which you can do by clicking on Backup/Restore option on right side of the window.

download blogger window

  • A window will appear just click on download template and will download the file.
  • After backing up the default theme just click on Backup/Restore again.

upload blogger template steps

  • Now Click on Choose file and select the template which you wish to upload.
  • After this just visit you site again and  the new template will be applied.

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This was a tutorial for uploading custom blogger template easily in 2015. If you have any queries leave a comment.