Hey guys we are back with another review of Antec BP350PS 350watt power supply. Few days back our friends over antec sent us this 350watt psu along with a vp500. Guys  wait for it we will be holding giveaway of these pretty soon! So, stay tuned for more info. Lets come back to Bp350ps psu review.

Antec BP350PS psu
BP350PS is a low range good quality psu for those folks which are looking for a good psu with a budget limitation. This 350watt psu will suffice all your needs and i am sure  of that  except you can do high end gaming on it because it’s output is low which is good considering the price. So, Only pick this PSU if you wanna do normal stuff and  play low end games otherwise consider  Vp500 psu which we will  be reviewing soon. This 350w psu can support all processor ranging from i3 to i5 and can support medium graphics upto gtx650 or 750. This little psu is also haswell ready.

Antec BP350PS  psu Design

Antec BP350PS psu cotent

This psu is designed  very well. It comes with black color  which looks superb on the psu and can attract anybody. It has honeycomb form factor which comes in psu double its price. So this was something new done by Antec. It also has metal shield over the 120mm double ball bearing fan to prevent any foreign stuff entering the psu which can degrades its life. Well if we look at the price of it and the design it offers then we can conclude it’s a fair deal.

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Antec BP350PS psu Build

antec bp 350 wattantec bp350ps psu

First when we hold this psu we were like man this is some heavy stuff. After looking at its design we were interested to look at its internal beauty so we started unscrewing it. We find that pcb was placed directly over the bottom panel which we didn’t expect in terms of general safety. Heavy duty capacitors are provided for a better efficiency. The major flaw which we found in this were there were no power cable provided so you have to buy a new one. This psu consists all major connectors such as a 24pin connector and a 8pin connector which can be split to two 4*4 pin connector for compatibility with old motherboards. It also has  a 6pin Pci-E, 3 sata and 3 molex cables. We were astonished to see a floppy cable too which we didn’t except in this modern time. It would be better if antec didn’t added floppy cable and could provide the power cable instead.


Antec BP350PS cooling

We tried this psu at full load and it was at pretty decent temperature. We believe the 1200mm Fan  performs its duty very well and has the capability to cool this psu and maintain it at a good temp. The psu also didn’t make much of noise under full load. The structure of this psu also maintains good airflow inside. We can conclude that this psu will run cool enough under heavy load.

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Antec BP350PS PSU Review Video :

Here is a video review by folks at Skynet Tech


Antec 350 watt psu Pros & Cons


antec bp350ps review

   Dual +12V Rails : This feature is added to prevent your pc hardware from getting damaged by power fluctuations which is very common is India so consider it always before buying a psu. This feature also never comes in the  low profile psu. So that’s something we want to thanks Antec for.

 Haswell Ready

 OCP protection

 Heavy duty Capacitors

 Bang for the buck ratio




No power cable

75% Efficiency 

Short connector cables

Antec BP350PS verdict:

This low profile psu retails at a price of 2000 INR. If you want to build a pc for moderate usage and low profile gaming then you can consider it. Well if you going to do heavy gaming and editing stuff then please look at something with more output and 80 plus bronze certified. This psu is great, comes at a reasonable price and is very good for a moderate user.

So if you have any further queries then Please Do comment.

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