From smartwatches with integrated Heart Rate Monitor to exclusively devoted  fitness bands like the Fitbit Charge HR or Basis Peak, it’s easy to get lost in the technology of fitness tracking choices. But Moov Now, the successor to last year’s first generation Moov tracker, aims to set itself apart by offering a more personal, hands-on experience.

The Moov Now doesn’t look like anything we’re seeing from the big wearable players. Indeed, what’s inside the Moov platform is enough to make the Moov Now relevant in today’s crazy-crowded wearables market.


What’s new about this band?

So this new band is quite smaller than its predecessor, is available in different colors, and works with third party heart rate monitors. It works with both iOS and Android, and features modes for specific sports, such as swimming, running, cycling, cardio boxing and much more. It’s designed to go beyond basic activity tracking, combining magnet, angular weight and gravity sensors to provide low latency 3D motion tracking.

Moov Now is a $100 fitness wearable that is better than Apple Watch and Fitbit
It also offers sleep tracking (Something that wasn’t available in the original Moov). Its battery is supposedly good for six months on a single charge, making it one less gadget to fit into your regular charging routine. The device can be worn on the wrist or the ankle, and users can go with either a single band, or two together for more accurate tracking for certain activities, such as cardio boxing and swimming.

Moov Now is a $100 fitness wearable that is better than Apple Watch and Fitbit

But why is it special?

The bigger novel feature  here is the Now’s ability to act as a real-time trainer. A coach, with voice much similar to  Siri, instructs you while you work out and makes suggestions on how to improve your form. If you prefer listening to music while you exercise, Moov integrates with Spotify so your music fades in and out when the coach is speaking to you.

Moov Now is a $100 fitness wearable that is better than Apple Watch and Fitbit

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The band measures speed, stride cadence and landing impact when you’re doing activities such as cycling, running or swimming, and intelligently analyzes that information on the fly. It then makes real-time suggestions to help you improve your workout, with statements like “land softer” or “lengthen your stride” delivered through connected headphones.

If implemented well, this could point towards the next step in fitness wearables.Right now the wearable market is flooded with trackers that log your fitness data and stuff.  ‘An AI assistant could be a better rival to human coach‘ could make a fitness tracker a much more compelling buy.

Moov Now is a $100 fitness wearable that is better than Apple Watch and Fitbit

On paper at least, Moov Now has quite the compelling feature set. Moov Now is a $100 fitness wearable that does what Apple Watch and Fitbit cannot. If you’re interested in getting one, it might not be a bad idea to jump in fast, with pre-orders currently available for just $60, a significant discount off the planned $100 final retail price. The band is available with a choice of black, white blue and red accent colors. For more on the Moov Now, you can check out the video below.