So here is a compiled brief list of the best Android games of this month to help you have a great gaming experience. These games are best of the best, so check them out.
 Top best android games of july 2015
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Top best Android Games july 2015 download free

These are the best android games of july 2015. Folks at these games do know how to make android games.

 List of top 10 best july 2015 android games

  • WWE Immortals – We’ve been playing WWE Immortals recently for an epic mix of fantasy and, well, almost reality, fusing the cast of Injustice: Gods Among Us with pro-wrestlers for some awesome silly fun. The graphics and animations are top-notch, and you can tag up to three characters for some thrilling three-on-three match-ups. Get ready to rumble.
  • XCOM: Enemy Within – This is one of the best Android strategy games because it wasn’t founded on free-to-play principles like many other popular strategy games from the Play Store. It was built to be enjoyed fully without any additional purchases.This was an award-winning strategy title for PC long before it ever made its way to Android, so expect top-end graphics, but also a top-end Play Store price. We can assure you it is well worth the initial investment, though.
  • Marvel contest of champions – It’s Marvel Contest of Champions control-precision which makes this one of the best fighters out there. It feels incredibly fluid and responsive: simply swiping with your thumbs in different directions brings out a range of perfectly animated attacks, and there are no annoying on-screen controls to try and connect with.You’ll have to be running a pretty modern device to play it smoothly, but if you’re itching to battle it out as some of your Marvel favorites, you need to check this out. Free in the Play Store with in-app purchases.

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  • Frozen Synapse – Frozen Synapse was an indie PC classic long-before it hit Android, and what a game it is. Frozen Synapse is a squad-based, turn-based, tactical shooter which sees you take control of a small assault team to take down an enemy team in a single player campaign, or other players in multiplayer.
  • Brothers in Arms 3 – The guys at Gameloft know how to make games for Android. With Asphalt 8, Modern Combat 5and N.O.V.A 3 under its belt, a few things are guaranteed: high-production value and a free-to-play price structure. Brothers in Arms 3 might represent the best action game Gameloft released to date – it’s a realistic third-person shooter in which you guide your character, Sergeant Wright, through a series of WWII settings, upgrading his weapons and abilities along the way.
  • Rush of Heroes – Rush of Heroes is an action-RPG developed by Firefly Games. Players command a team of heroes in their journey to fight against monsters, as they return the treasure. You’ll battle through dungeons, slash down enemies, and take part in Arena PvP battles. While your heroes may be small, they have what it takes to compete in Frostland. Rush of Heroes features high-quality 3D visual effects with over 150+ quest zones and battle areas.

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  • Final Fable – Final Fable is an action RPG game developed by IGG. Players join their favorite childhood characters such as Pinocchio, Red Riding Hood, and the Big Bad Wolf in their quest to defeat the evil shadow lurking upon Fantasia. Train your team of heroes, and do what you can to save the mystical world of Fantasia.
  • Minions Paradise – After the lovable Minion named Phil shipwrecked the cruise ship carrying his friends, he needs help to build the perfect paradise. Players customize their tropical island with hammocks, beach volleyball courts, and hot tubs. In the game, you’ll become an expert at alligator water skiing, throw mangoes from hot air balloons, and learn how to dive off water slides. To keep the island sustainable, you can plant firefly trees, harness power from electric eels, and grow bushels of bananas.
  • Cooking Fever – Cooking Fever is an arcade game developed by Nordcurrent. Players get to use more than a hundred ingredients to cook delicious meals from all over the world. Use various kitchen appliances like coffee makers, rice cookers, pizza ovens, and popcorn makers to create your masterpieces. Players can cook in more than 10 different locations, such as a Bakery, Fast-Food, Breakfast Cafe, Sushi Bar, and more. If you love the Cooking Dash series, you’ll absolutely love Cooking Fever.
  • Green Ninja: Year of the Frog – Last but not the least, Green Ninja: Year of the Frog. It is a puzzle game developed by Nitrome. Players hop from floor to ceiling to take out as many ninjas as possible. To move around, all you need to do is swipe left, right, and up, as you make your way through tons of challenging puzzles.
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