Best Budget Gaming Pc Build Under 50,000 In India 2015


So guys today we will show you the best configuration pc you can build under 50000 rs in India 2015. Its one of the pc that can handle 1080p gaming with good fps. If you are going with this build you will have huge options of upgrading it later when the components gets outdated. This gaming pc have advantage over the pre-assembled that you can decide which hardware you want to but and also you can save alot of money by building a gaming pc rather buying one. So lets get started with the gaming 50k pc build.

Budget gaming pc build under 50,000 rs in india latest 2015


amd fx 6300

So as this is a budget build we will go with amd’s FX6300 3.5ghz processor. It has 6 cores which is very good when playing latest games. It is priced around 8000 in online retail stores. This cpu is absolute beast for gaming and basic video editing. For more advanced editing and other work consider going with amd’s 8350 it would be nice upgrade from fx6300 in future. So for now due to budget limitations lets consider this cpu.


asus m5a97 r2.0

The motherboard we went with is a Asus board “M5A97 R2.0” it is priced at 7500 on online stores. It has 4 ram slots, 2 graphic cards slots, usb3.0 and 3years of warranty. SO as you can guess we have lots of room for upgrade and this is why we went it with. Our build is future proof build. It also has 6 sata 6gps headers.


corsair gaming

The ram we choose is a Corsair Vengeance DDR3 8 GB. It is a ddr3 1600mhz ram and is enough for gaming purpose. If you are thinking why we went with 8gig as we can also do gaming with 4gig quite good, Well We choose 8gb over 4gb because the newer games require more ram and editing work too so to make it a future proof gaming as well medium editing work we choose it. It is priced around 3500 at online stores such as Flipkart.


antec cabinet gaming

The cabinet we choose is quite basic and it doesn’t look that good but who cares it is budget gaming pc build not an overkill so The model we went with is Antec ASK-4000B-U3. It is priced around 2500. It also offers front usb headers


cm 600 watt psu

The PSU Is where you should never save money as a bad psu can fry all your hardware and also degrade the hardware life. So we choose Cooler Master Thunder 600w. It is a 600 watt psu which is enough for our gaming pc aswell it leaves a little space for future upgrade. This psu is priced at 5000 on flipkart.

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Samsung 650 evo

The SSD is the new trend setter. We choose ssd over hdd as it is fast i mean very fast. It increases system responsiveness, applications loads fast. The only disadvantage is that they are little expensive but this little upgrade is worth the money. We went with Samsung 850 evo 120gb ssd. It is priced at 5000 on online retailers.


dell 21.5 inch

This led is one of the best led’s you can buy out there. It is an IPS display as well true hd and big enough for gaming purpose. We are talking about the Dell S2240L 21.5inch display. It retails at 10000.

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Graphics Card

asus r7 260x gpu

The major component for gaming pc build is graphic card if you dont spend money here you will regret it later so spend as much you like on this component. As we were left with around 10000 we chose Amd R7 260x 2gb ddr5 It is a ddr5 so it has all the latest technology. This gpu is capable of handling 1080p gaming at a good frame rate. It is priced at 10k on This gpu comes with 2 DVI AND 1 HDMI port.

So guys this wraps up the Best Best Budget Gaming Pc Build Under 50,000 In India do let us know how many fps are you getting In the comment section below.


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