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Everybody loves Entertainment, right? So today I will tell you a story that introduced me to a whole new entertainment concept of nexGTv mobile app, and how I got hooked on it.

A few days ago it was raining heavily and there was a power cut in my city for about 2 hours. Believe me passing that time was so difficult! Now whenever power cut happens I usually sleep to pass that time, but that decreases my productivity and makes me sleepy for the rest of day. So on that day, I was just sitting in my room thinking how I could pass the time. The first thing came to mind was to browse the Internet on my laptop, but I realized the internet was down. So I just started surfing on my smartphone and found an app called nexGTv on play store. I installed it on my phone and boom! I was able to watch TV on my mobile!

It offered me a lot more than just TV. There were options to watch trending news, latest movies, funny episodes and content on demand. nexGTv has something for kids too. There is content available for kids like movies such as Penguins of Madagascar and Peekachoo series. I found my favourite channel Nick, where I could watch shows such as Chhota Bheem, Motu Patlu and lots more.

Some content is locked and you have to subscribe to some packs. But, it is worth it and I guess cheaper than your cable TV. nexGTv can run smoothly on wi-fi, 2g, 3g and 4g networks.
Now whenever a power cut happens, it does not interfere with my TV watching routine. I just open the nexGTv app on my mobile and start exploring the world of shows. This app is also very useful in situations when you visit someone and land up in a waiting room.
The app is smooth and user-friendly. You can install the app on all major operating system platforms such as android and iOS.
Here are some of the screenshots from the app:

nexGTv app screenshots

So i guess this wraps up. If you have used the app then let us know about your experience via comment section and if you haven’t used it then what are you waiting for? Give it a try and explore the true entertainment for the non stop generation of India