Opicle : Review

Opile is an Affiliate Marketing network which was founded in 2012 with the vision of immense growth and profitable development in the field of strategic advertising. Opicle is India’s leading Affiliate Marketing network with over five hundred potential publishers making money out of their hard work through it’s services. Many publishers rely on Opicle as their main source of income, Opicle’s reliable and beneficial features give it an edge over any other strategic advertising network in India. To know more about Opicle, first we should know what Affiliate Marketing is.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a type of performance based Marketing in which the publisher derives sale or visitors to the advertising brand. Affiliate Marketing involves four major parts, first is the advertising brand, second is the publishers, third one is the network like opicle and fourth is the customer. The Publisher, also known as the ‘Affiliate’ is awarded with credit or commissions for each customer brought to the brand by his/her sole efforts. The network, such as Opicle, regulates this process and ensures that no foul play is included and everyone gets paid for their real work. Affiliate marketing is the future of strategic advertising. Nowadays, Affiliate Marketing is becoming the preferred choice of more and more advertisers.opicle--e1437492616429


Opicle the most rapidly increasing Affiliate network in india. With over one hundred and fifty mass recognised multinational brands as their clients, featuring Jabong, Flipkart, Foodpanda, NIIT, HDFC & ICICI bank, Opicle is proving it’s potential of providing a healthy beneficial growth to the online business. Opicle has been termed as ‘one of the top Affiliate Marketing provider in the world’ by an independent global survey. Opicle is one hundred percent secure and reliable with it’s sophisticated fraud management systems and a dedicated team keeping an eye over the whole process. No fraud penny earned through bogus clicks, leads and false traffic driven by publisher can escape their precision eye making Opicle the preferred choice for advertisers.

Opicle gives it’s users full control over their account, they can decide what is advertised on their webpage, they can contribute in the growth of the business, they have full control on their account with no hidden terms and conditions.

Opicle invests a fortune over the field of research and development. Opicle has hired experts from all around the world in the field of strategic advertising to improve the reliability of the system and make the experience more and more user friendly and beneficial for its users with constant healthy growth.

Following are some key elements of Opicle

  • Much more beneficial for publishers than Google Adsense featuring great CPI, CPS, CPA and CPC offers.
  • Detailed reports with regularly updated system and fully customizable account with no hidden terms and conditions.
  • Best in class Fraud management system and a dedicated team working 24/7 making opicle one of the safest and most reliable strategic advertising network.
  • Real time insights statistics like clicks, conversion rate, impressions and commission with real time data driven systems, make Opicle prefered choice of publishers
  • 24/7 easily accessible customer support system, get the solutions real quick with a simple phone or skype call and users can also drop an email and sort out the problem.

Opicle follows a forty five day payoff routine, payment is dispatched through NEFT or cheque after deducting the bogus earning detected by the fraud management systems.

Opicle uses the targeted audience to deliver maximum beneficial growth to the business. When the right product is introduced to the right person, it makes a significant raise in the no. of visitors or customers to the brand.

Opicle features SEO / SMO alongside the Affiliate Marketing campaign. It also provides Web and phone application development programs.

Now sign up for Opicle and create new opportunities with India’s fastest growing Affiliate Marketing network and give your business the needed boost!!