Samsung has unveiled a solid-state hard drive that stores 16 terabytes (more like 15.36 TB) of data. The 2.5-inch drive (the size used in conventional laptops) was revealed at the Flash Memory Summit in California.

Samsung unveils 2.5-inch 16TB SSD: The world's largest hard drive

The new PM1633a’s capacity – 16TB by Samsung easily outruns the recent 8TB and 10TB drives unveiled by Seagate and HGST.
Samsung showed off a server with 48 of these all new SSDs, with a insane total storage capacity of 768 terabytes and performance rated at 2,000,000 IOPS (input/output operations per second). The consumer-grade SSD that you have in your PC is probably capable of around 10,000-90,000 IOPS approx, depending upon the workload. Today, an enterprise-grade 1TB SSD will cost you about £600 or $1,000 approx. Imagine what this new 16Tb will cost you. 

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Considering every two-hour standard-definition media file to be of 1.5GB , this hard drive could store 10,240 two-hour movies. That’s 853 days, or two years and four months. Well that’s in theory. For a HD movie,which is around 4.5GB for two hours, 15.36TB equates to 3,413 movies, or 284 days of footage. And did I mention that you can also store approx 3.8 million 4MB songs on this disk.

The disk is ideal for storing a bunch of 4K movies – the resolution type we’ll probably all be watching by the time 16TB disks become somewhere common.

These numbers up there would be unlikely to translate completely faithfully in practice, because of the different capacity conventions used between hard drive manufacturers and operating systems, and because space is always taken up for other software.
Samsung finally managed to fit so much memory on the hard drive by stacking lots of flash cells on top of each other, which makes the drive a bit taller than the rest of the drives.


Samsung unveils 2.5-inch 16TB SSD: The world's largest hard drive

In reality, this hard drive is out of the league of most the consumers and is aimed at the enterprise market and is going to be very expensive. But we think the prices of these samsung ssd’s are going to come down. We don’t have a price for Samsung’s PM1633a as of now but we can’t imagine that it’ll be cheaper than £5,000. But hey, at least you would be the owner of the world’s largest drive!