How to Unlock very high gaming quality setting in Win 10 xbox one app

Now exists a simple trick for you to improve image quality on Xbox One gameplay streaming via a PC running Windows 10. However  applying this mode places a greater strain on your home network in terms of data throughput, but definitely increases the resolution of the stream.

So how do you unlock the hidden quality preset? Well, it is really easy.

Now in this post  I am assuming Windows 10 is installed on the default C: drive,

So lets begin .First simply navigate to C:Users-username-AppDataLocalPackages

and then locate the folder starting with “Microsoft.XboxApp“.

From there, open the ‘userconsoledata’ file using the Windows Notepad app, and where the ‘IsInternalPreview’ variable is set to ‘false’, adjust it to ‘true’.

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Save and close the file and the very high preset is now available within Windows 10’s Xbox app when you load it up.

We’re currently working on a complete breakdown of the Xbox One streaming functionality in Windows 10, due for publication shortly, but .

We can confirm that the very high quality gaming mode works just fine, though bandwidth utilization across the network increases significantly as told previously, to the point where it hits a consistent speed of 18mbps. The new preset appears to transmit full 1080p imagery – something that isn’t achieved on the lower quality options, which scale up from lower resolution streams.

Despite the increase in bandwidth, there’s no further impact to performance – but based on our tests, the streaming functionality still needs a fair amount of work. There’s a high degree of inconsistency in performance that sees native 60fps games play at around 40fps via Windows 10 streaming, while 30fps titles suffer from obvious frame-pacing issues. The frustrating aspect is that there are occasional, completely clean moments of 60fps gameplay on games like Forza 5 – the tech is clearly capable of better consistency, and we hope to see this aspect substantially improved in a future update.

How to unlock hidden “very high quality” quality setting in Windows 10's Xbox One app



In the meantime, here’s some comparison images , demonstrating the difference between Xbox One (Source) and Very High Quality (Stream) quality settings available on Xbox One streaming via Windows 10, including the newly unearthed ‘very high’ preset.

Xbox Source High quality





High Quality Xbox Source