In this tutorial we talk about how to set your favorite song as your hello tune on Airtel network. Majority of people uses airtel so here we are with an awesome article for you guys. Well we will post this tutorial “How to set your favorite song as your hello tune in Airtel” for other mobile networks quite soon. Stay tuned for that.

How to set favorite song as a Hello tune in Airtel

Wet set your hello tunes to make others listen to our favorite songs. But what if you cannot find that perfect song are unable to set the song you exactly want to set. In this case Airtel is extremely flexible. I myself am an Airtel customer and I’d never find any problem with my hello tune. 

But they can some times be location oriented. Like if you’re from south you might not find the Punjabi ragional tunes, however you will get the Hindi, English & Telugu songs.

How to set your favorite song as your hello tune in Airtel

It feels really cool to have your favorite song as our hello tune. Well here’s the trick. It’ll basically set a recorded song as your tune.

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Record and set your favorite song as hello tune:

Step 1: Dial 57878 from your Mobile having Airtel network.

Step 2: An automated answer machine will welcome you. Go through the options. They may ask you to press 2 in order to record your favorite song, Then Press 2. Then wait untill they complete their speech and till you hear a beep sound.

Step 3: You should be ready with the song to be played in your computer or any music player with nice speakers having a clean audio. After you listen beep like sound, quickly move your cell phone near to your speaker.

Step 4: Your call will be disconnected in about 20 seconds and after that you will receive a SMS from Airtel with the song name you played.

Step 5: Reply with 1 and you are done. (You will be charged INR 15 for this.)

This is the easy way to set Hello Tunes in Airtel without searching your tune through the long list of songs provided by normal Airtel hello tune service.


  1. We online selected a song “tum gagan ke chandrama” film “sati Savitri” for 6 months rs. 150/-. but only 3 days
    song sound hello tune listen. But now completed hello tune. What has happening? I don’t know. please check what is wrong with me