Turn your iPhone into a PS Vita Easily

Yeah you are correct if you are thinking about the Mfi Controllers but this one is a little different.

We all know that there is no shortage of MFi controllers in the market, but most of them basically are stand alone accessories , where  it turns your phone into a tiny TV. Gamevice‘s approach strikes us as the most logical, with the controller gripping against either side of the iPad mini, or the latest iPhones and iPad Airs.

 The Gamevice approach is less like a separate accessory which is clamped below your device but more like something that transforms your phone or tablet into an iOS-running PS Vita. It offers a more unified design scheme.

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Gamevice announced its new accessories this month, one of which will support all of Apple’s 2014 and 2015 smartphones (the iPhones 6s and 6s Plus). The other works with the iPad Air 1 and iPad Air 2 just fine. You can now buy a Gamevice for the iPad mini.

 How to turn your iPhone into a PS Vita

They do have built-in batteries, like 200 mAh on the iPhone model and they can connect to the iOS devices’ Lightning ports.

Though dedicated portables generally still have a better selection of non-freemium, full console style games (pay US$20-30 and get a full game that’s based more on fun than addiction), some sifting through the App Store does yield a decent selection of those kinds of games: the Grand Theft Auto III trilogy, several Lego games and Oceanhorn all come to mind.

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If you can live with that tilted ratio of casual/freemium to console/paid games, then MFi accessories like the Gamevice could be the best thing for you. The new versions have all the essentials covered up: four action buttons, dual analog sticks, D-Pad, as well as bumpers and analog triggers.

How to turn your iPhone into a PS Vita

Both the iPhone 6 series and iPad Air series Gamevice controllers will launch later this year (October for the Air, “Q4” for the iPhone version). All versions, including the currently-available iPad mini controller, will ring up for US$100.