Zenflash review

Asus launched Zenflash few months back at the launch of the zenfone 2. The zenflash is said to be 400 times better than the average flash. The zenflash could be a saver for people who mostly shoot pictures in low light but every thing comes with a drawback. The Asus zenflash currently supports only Zenfone 2.

Asus Zenflash Overview

asus zenflash form factor

Zenflash is basically a more powerful Xenon Flash which can be attached to your smartphone to produce much more brighter images. The zenflash is rectangular in shape.

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It has two lens for better clarity, lighting and one wide flash. On paper Asus Claims the zenflash is 400 times better than normal flash which might be true as we clicked some photos under zero lighting conditions and the photos came out quite nice and bright.

Asus Zenflash Price and usage Instructions

Zenflash Camera App
Zenflash Camera App

The Zenflash gets directly attached to your smartphone’s back using the adhesive sheet provided along with the Zenflash. The plastic sheet is reusable but take caution as dirt may damage the adhesive and loosen it’s grip. The zenflash than connects to your smartphone using the cable coming from the flash. Now you can take pictures using the zenflash app on your smartphone.

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The mount mechanism used by zenflash is quite poor and the cable used by it looks quite delicate. Along with the flash you will also get a silicon cover for better handle and protection.

The zenflash is priced at 1600 INR and which we believe is on expensive side, but people who love to capture every moment and mostly shoot in low light the this could be a great utility for you.

Asus Zenflash Samples

Below image is taken from external source as our samples got wiped accidentally. Credits : Technofall.com.

Zero lighting Scenario