Date: 10 October, 2015 Chandigarh

nvidia event chandigarh

Nvidia India hosted an Event at Chandigarh for Connecting Nearby Gamers and gaming enthusiasts. They gave information about their architecture “Maxwell” along with various features of their product Nvidia GTX 950,960 (Graphics card). Various Renowned Gaming titles where available for Gamers to test them on their graphics card. Well we have created a Recap of the event here so that you can know about the event.

Indulgence 3d Gaming Arena (Event Place)

Indulgence Place pc.jpgIndulgence Place

The event was hosted at the above mentioned place. The place was quite nice with good ambience lights, central cooling, good crew, and best thing the Systems. There systems were so cool you can see at above images. The hardware was quite top-notch. They also offer refreshments if you feel hungry in between a gaming session. Overall a nice place to have a lan gaming sessions with your friends.

Nvidia India’s Presentation and Goodies

nividia gamer connect goodies karthik nvidia giving instructions

So Karthik along with Avanish were from nvidia. They gave a nice presentation about how nvidia was shaping the future. Mostly it was about GTX series graphic’s card and Their maxwell architecture. Some goodies (Poster, Diaries, Bands) were given to some. Although many of gamers were sad due to the fact there was no Graphic’s card goodie but still they were having a nice time. Refreshments were passed to us which was much needed.  Some other information was given to attendees for optimizing their games better and more efficiently.

Gaming Time

gaming at indulgence gaming at nvidia event nvidia gamerconnect

So after the presentation it was time to do some gaming. There was only one system with new GTX graphic’s card and most of the renowned games. While others were playing on the system we went to have a Lan match (Blur Racing) with some of the following attendees. It was Amazing, the system indulgence were using were quite high -end which offered smooth Gameplay. My team partner played Batman Arkham knight and some other latest games. Overall the experience was quite nice but could have been better if there were more systems with new cards and some good goodies to give to the selected winners.