Launch of neffos

TP-LINK the leader in global networking products recently announced the launch of their new brand Neffos, and with the launch of brand ‘Neffos’, TP-LINK is making an entry in the mobile devices segment to expand their business line. The brand name is taken from Greek which means “clouds“. TP-LINK is slowly marking their products expansion in each digital ecosystem.

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Mr Jeffrey Chao, President at TP-LINK said,
“Our main and major intention with launching Neffos was to create a unique digital experience by establishing a digital seamless connection between people and their devices. We are confident that with the launch of Neffos it will provide a sense of joy of technology for the users while at the same time offer a simple lifestyle for them in such age of info. explosion.”

According to the IDC 2015 ranking, TP-LINK is said to be the undisputed number one in global networking products market share at a whooping 42.9%, which is still 33.42% higher than the second.

“In the coming time, we would like to create an amazing intelligent identification ability in different scenarios to automatically sense, activate and control relevant devices for users. Via Neffos, In future users will have a closer connection with their home devices,” added Mr Jeffrey Chao.

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Neffos Brand Launch Date, Prices, Product Range

Neffos Brand product range is expected to be launched in Q1 2016 as of now. No specific product range, prices or launch dates have been yet announced for India.