Edimax 150N BR-6228nS V3 Router Review

Is your home Internet Connection slow? Is your wi-fi speed not what you’ve been expecting? Then I guess it’s time for you to buy a new Router. But which one to buy? This Edimax Router will help you get the most of your Internet connection.

Edimax Router

This is a review of Edimax 150N BR-6228nS V3. It provides up to 2.4 Ghz speed which is commendable. It is a 5-in-1 Router which operates in Wi-Fi mode, Acess Point mode, Range extender, Wireless Bridge and WISP (Wireless Internet Service Provider). Detailed info about all 5 of these mode is given in the photo below.

Edimax Router

When you buy this Edimax Router you get a Power Adapter, Ethernet cable, Quick Installation manual, Multi Language Quick Installation Guide (CD ROM) and the Edimax Router itself in the box. It also has Smart IQ Setup for automatic and quick installation with no CD required. The CD which is provided in the box is just for guidelines in case you need to know something.

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It is super easy to set up also.

How to Setup

  1. Simply insert the Ethernet cable from your Internet Provider into the Ethernet port of  Edimax Router.
  2. Then Plug the power adapter you got in the box into the device’s Power port and switch it on.
  3. Check if the power LED is lit.
  4. Open any web browser and enter the following URL https://edimax.setup and click “Get Started” to begin the setup process. It will ask for Username and Password, which are admin and 1234 respectively.

Edimax Router

It is completely hassle free installation.

It has a guest network mode which provide connectivity while to your friends or guests which keeping them isolated from your primary network, which is pretty cool if you ask me. The interface also is very user friendly and you don’t need to reconfigure it every time you switch modes. It saves upto 30% of the power that’s consumed by any normal router available in the market. It did provide great wireless performance and is available at a cheap affordable price, which makes it an unbeatable value. It’s looks are incomparable to any other router out there when it is switched on. It truly is the BMW i8 of the routers.

Edimax Router