Hi guys, Well its been a while since we posted article but now we are back. So in today’s article we will be reviewing a local isp in my city (AMBALA). The ISP name as you can guess from the title is Btel.

Me being a blogger always require a good internet connection which is somewhat a hectic task in less known cities. I earlier used BSNL because it was the only option at that time but soon a local isp was launched in the market (Buzznet). I shifted to buzznet because bsnl was having constant service drops and the speed was way low. After shifting to buzznet the first month was way too good. No signal drops and high speed but soon after the second month started there service became terrible and the net was down for about 4 hours every day. There was no option for me and I had to compromise with it, but then their service was down for about 45 days, i tried calling them and everytime they came up with a new excuse.

So one day i spotted a banner of a new isp (Btel) near my house and quickly went to their office. After talking to them about my previous experiences about¬†the local isp’s, they assured me that their service will be the most important priority for them and the net will be always up. So i thought to give them a try. I paid the starting charge for about 1000rs, they came installed the device on roof and a direct cat6 cable to my computer and configured it and boom the net was up.

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I subscribed the 1mbps plan but you can subscribe according to your needs. I have attached the plans list image below. It also has their contact number. It’s been about 4 months since i am using Btel and there service is just awesome, i have faced about 30 mins downtime only in these 4months so you can guess about their commitment towards the customer service. The owner Gautam is an excellent guy and is always polite towards customers and respects them.

btel speed

If you want to get a internet connection in ambala then btel will be the best for you; if you want the best service and uptime. Their plans are little expensive but you get what you pay for so. However they might reduce the pricing soon. Also, please call them for the coverage as btel is in ambala city as of now and is expanding to outskirts of ambala.


btel plans