Well everybody loves music player so we thought of featuring one of the best music players you can install on your smartphone and have some good time. The name of the app is musixmatch and it is recommended by various major publications.

Download Musixmatch App – Features and link

musixmatch-app download

Musixmatch has many great features such as sleep timer which turns off your music when you doze off so that your smartphone can save some juice. Musixmatch also has lyrics options which automatically displays and sync lyrics as you listen to your tracks. It even has equalizer so that you can tweak the audio according to your requirements. It can also cast the music and lyrics to your tv. It supports Android wear and android tv so most of your devices are compatible with this app.

One of the great features we liked about this app is that it adds a floating widget to your screen when you shift to another app so that you can multitask easily and get more productivity out of your smartphone. It has received best apps 2014 and 2015 on google’s own play store.

The musixmatch uses very simple user interface and design. The GUI is also quite minimalist which helps in saving ram. Another great feature of this app is that when you play video on youtube and you want the lyrics of it, it will automatically display them on to your smartphone screen. It even has the capability to identify the song which is being played by third party devices and fetch information such as track and artist name for you. When you like a quote from the lyrics you can easily share it directly via the app. It has huge library so all your tacks information will be already on to it so that you can better access your library and filter down your searches. We hope you like our article on the best music player of android.

The musixmatch apk is available for android. The musixmatch for iphone is also available too on store.

Download Musixmatch googleplay link