Hey guys in this article we will show you how to fix screen Overlay Settings Detected on android 6.0 marshmallow version. This issue is very common on android’s version 6.0 and many people are getting irritated because of it. This issue can be solved easily and we will teach you how you can fix it.

How to Fix Screen Overlay settings detected error

how to fix screen overlay settings detected

Here i have added the procedure in step by step for easy guidance. I have also added a youtube video in the end which will help you to understand it better. Basically this error occurs when we try to give permissions to certain apps like instagram, snapchat, whatsapp and hike etc. The check box says to change the permission settings turn off screen overlay. Basically there are two methods for it and we will show each method. You can choose the method according to your preference.

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How to turn off screen overlay – Method #1

  1. When the message appears it also says to open settings.
  2. Click on open settings and then draw over apps window will open.
  3. Scroll through the draw over apps and turn it off all for apps.
  4. After turning off drawing over apps for all, go back to the previous app and give permissions.
  5. Now the screen overlay detected error wont appear.
  6. Enjoy

Fix screen overlay error – turn off – Method #2

  1. Simply hold your power button and then click on power off and hold it for 2-3 seconds.
  2. Now a message saying reboot to safe mode will appear and then choose it.
  3. Now let it reboot, after your device has booted into safe mode just go into device settings.
  4. After settings panel has opened up goto apps.
  5. After settings>apps choose the app which is giving you the error.
  6. Now simply change the permissions.
  7. In the safe mode the error screen overlay wont appear.
  8. Now simply reboot the phone.

Note some phone may not goto safe mode using this method for example samsung’s. If you have any smartphone like samsung which is not booting into safe mode the follow this.

First off all switch off your mobile. Now boot it up, when your mobile phone logo appers hold volume down button for few seconds until it boot to safe mode.

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Video for better understanding:

If you have any queries or feedback regarding fix screen overlay settings detected do comment below.


  1. This is not a “fix” but only a cumbersome workaround for the stupid security design decision implemented by the Android developers.

  2. Hear hear! Since so many things want to use an overlay, you, (or at least I), have to turn off 10-20 settings, then go back and turn them on back again. Now if something want overlay, I don’t install it.

  3. Bro it was super helpful. I was jst so so irritated and then i saw this post n now i m thinking not to sell of my phn or to throw it or let my dog shit on it. Thanks man.

  4. I have turned off overlay on all apps (method 1) and the tried method 2 with safe boot. STILL getting Screen overlay detected. WTF!!!