Top 10 Best Blogging Platforms Available

Are you searching for the Best Blogging Platforms then this article is for you. Almost, everyone of us has ideas, invoking our minds. And we feel that there must be someone who could hear our voice. In these days, due to digitization these ideas have got path to show up to the world using Facebook posts or Tweets. There are so many people around the world who share their experiences and idea’s through their Facebook post or tweets to guide the other people. Even though some of them believe that the post is not being much spread out and they look out to express more about their feelings turning towards writing the blogs. Are you one of them and looking for the best blogging platform?

We have the right choice for you. We will help you to explore out the 10 best blogging platforms available for all. Here’s below the checklist.

Best Blogging Platforms to choose from:

  1. WordPress
    Best Blogging Platform

    WordPress offers you to create a new blog entirely for free, with a reasonable amount of customization with web hosting. Customization includes various themes, designs and templates, etc. WordPress is easy and free to install and for more info about what’s possible out there can be found on WordPress.
    With WordPress your blog site will be mobile-responsive, highly secure and easy to access. And with no-doubt is the number one in Best Blogging Platforms list.

  2. Tumblr
    2nd Best Blogging Platform

    Tumblr is what you can feel the combination of WordPress and Twitter. Tumblr offers to post blogs from mobile apps from anywhere, as well you can customize your theme to make it your own.
    Tumblr has good social connectivity and offers you to post blogs and manage the content all the one stop destination.

  3. Blogger
    4 Best Blogging Platform

    Blogger is the part of google and provides you to login using your google Signin id. Blogger can help you to customize your blog post as well as you could share with many of them. You can also earn using your blogs by enabling the Google Adsense. This would probably enable the advertisements over your blogs and due to this you would start your earnings.

  4. Medium
    Best Blogging Platform medium

    Medium is another blogging platform similar to the blogger. Medium is the brainchild of twitter’s founders and appears to be their attempt to do for ‘Longer reads’. Medium is a social-oriented platform which tends you for best writing. Medium the place if you want your words to be taken seriously.
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  5. Weebly
    5th Best Blogging Platform
    Weebly is a website creation tool that includes free blogging templates. Weebly has great customization features with its drag and drop function. Weebly provides you customizable templates, free themes and some sharing features which would be a good option to spread your words far and wide around the world.

    6th Best Blogging Platform is the easiest way to blog. You can connect a notebook to and tag notes as ‘published’ to make them provide you the customization options with few themes and embed the content from other sites. You also have the option with to store the content to dropbox.

    7th Best Blogging Platform is the best as it does not require to login. Just define a url and set a password. You can drag images in the place of your blog and also you can create a multipage post using a tag. It’s simple just create a page in few mins.
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  8. Ghost
    8th Best Blogging Platform

    Ghost has its unique features it is only free if you download and install it yourself. You can use ghost site and pay on the basis of the site traffic.
    Ghost system is entirely open source so it allows you to get your hands dirty and have your own web space.

  9. Live Journal
    9th Best Blogging Platform

    LiveJournal is a different blogging platform. As it features to more discussion and writing. It is similar to social networking, you can have your own space that the community offers. But LiveJournal encourages you more for communal interaction.

  10. Jekyll
    10th Best Blogging PlatformJekyll will need your plain text files, which can be transformed into static websites and blogs and you can host them wherever you want. You can even import your blogs from many of the platforms to jekyll in few mins. Jekyll provides simple and easy step to get your blog site just in few mins.

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