best roku hacks
Here are some of the crazy and top-notch tricks which can be performed using a roku streaming stick. So if you have a roku device at your home then you are at right place because you are going to have a great time. Roku is not just a streaming device but alot more which we will be exploring today.

Best Roku Hacks & Tricks 2017

Here are some of the best Tricks and Hacks you can find on you roku. These are latest roku tricks.

  • Hidden Channels
    roku hidden channels
    There are various hidden channels which you can watch on your roku but you aren’t aware of them. These channels are not listed in Roku Channel Store. To watch them Visit here. Some channels are psvue com activate
  • Universal Search
    This feature will save alot of your time. Instead of going through every roku channel and scrolling every subscription service, you can just click on the magnifying glass in roku level search. Now when you will search a query, perform this action and you will get results of channels which you have or not. You can also sort your search using this feature or hack.
  • Watch 4k content on Your TV
    If you are rich and have a 4k TV then you can enjoy 4k media streaming on your 4k compatible roku. Visit Roku’s 4k section to subscribe the ultra clear media content.
  • Screen Mirroring
    If you are having Roku,2,3,4 then you mirror content from your smart devices to your tv. Enjoy seamless screen mirroring.
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  • What was that
    If you miss those dialogues and last lines in between movie or a fight scene. You can use instant relay option. To enable this feature goto Settings>Captions>InstantReplay now whenever you will hit instant replay button on your remote it will replay the text.  Another great and best roku hacks. Also natgeo tv com activate
  • Google’s Chromecast
    If you recently swapped chromecast for a roku then you will surely be missing the casting feature. Well dont be sad because you can also cast youtube videos with the help of roku also.  To Do this Visit Settings>PairDevice. Now a series of numbers field will pop up. Now visit on your mobile device and then enter the code on your pc.  Now you can cast youtube videos easily though make sure both devices are on the same network.
  • ScreenSavers
    You thought screensavers was a computer thing well then you are wrong. As roku also have various screensavers which can be downloaded according to your preference. There are some various interesting screen savers. This surely is a good and best roku hacks.
  • Good Games
    Well your roku also has it’s fair share of arcade games such as pac man and alot more. If you have a roku 4 then it also has a built in motion sensor.Hopefully you liked our article and incase you are having error’s in roku such as roku remote not working, roku activation, roku error code 011, roku com link. For all roku help and troubleshoot you can visit Roku Activation website. They have 24*7 working tollfree roku support number.