To increase your organic traffic is one of the most difficult jobs for SEO experts. It also enforces you to invest a great deal of time and effort into this task. Even some content writing services providers are unable to achieve this task appropriately.

Organic traffic is quite different from other kinds of traffic. Organic traffic would keep attracting traffic even after a year of your post. This paid traffic continues for several years so it’s worth the investment.

Here are some ways which will help to fetch you maximum organic traffic.

How To Increase Organic Traffic 2017

  1. Always create High-Quality Content:

Just for the sake of publishing content regularly do not create irrelevant and low-quality content. According to SEO rules, low-quality content doesn’t fetch traffic at all. It may also bring you a bad name and hamper your reputation. Your website is the first impression of your business which should attract maximum customers. You should use good Ghost Copywriters to give you fresh and high-quality content every time you post on your website. You should always remember that a great content would give you high rankings by the search engine and therefore fetch you maximum traffic!

best ways to increase organic traffic

  1. Try to Acquire the Low-Hanging Fruit:

It is often said that you should use keywords in your articles which help the search engine to search your content easily. But using these keywords create great competition as these keywords have even used by many others. So to avoid this competition try to use long-tail key phrases. By chance if you are targeting a particular audience then you can use phrases related to them to eliminate quite a few of your competitors. Long tail words attract more organic traffic due to its relevancy and minimum competition.

  1. Have consistency in your writing:

Do not just post on your website whenever you feel like. You have to be consistent in posting your articles to acquire maximum organic traffic. At a minimum level, you should be posting at least once a week. But you should post more than that. If you are unable to create good content alone, then take the help of a content writing agency. If you continually update your content, people will come back to your site to read them which will fetch you more clicks! This makes people share your content, they also link them to other sites which makes you reach to a wider audience.

best ways to increase organic traffic

  1. Use Guest blog for Google, not for SEO purposes:

Guest blogs do not have much value for SEO but it’s a good method of getting organic traffic! You should follow these rules to get maximum traffic to this strategy:

  • Target an authoritative website and a particular audience
  • Post to reach to a wider audience
  • You should market your guest posts too
  • Always reply to the comments of the visitors who have read these guest posts. These visitors would keep coming back to your website.
  1. Do not have a bad relationship with Google:

You should not instigate Google to take action against you. This may lead to complete closure of your business. If organic traffic is not done ethically then Google will be penalizing you some time or the other. You should not create cheap links, pay for internal links, and avoid publishing trash on your web page. This will help you to be saved from Google penalties.

Hard work always pays off. So if you want an ever increasing organic traffic for your website then you have to work really hard for it. Give all your effort to it as it is worth it! Share your responsibilities with a reputed content writing company and enrich your online business!