The development of technology began two centuries ago when instructors started the use of abacus in the classroom. Now Technology has become a part of the day to day life. Apart from development in information technology, a new methodology of learning has been introduced to the present-day education environment. Technological development helps instructors and students to gain data knowledge and support analytical thinking.

Technology is necessary to identify the appropriate technology that helps to increase productivity depending upon teachers and student’s needs. Likely, technology increases productivity in educational activities thus having a positive impact on the element of education in terms of efficient teaching substantial learning.

Swift developments in technology have jolted education. Even Though the method adopted to teach mathematics is traditional when compared to other subjects it is baseless to evade the fact that development in technology has affected mathematics education.

Problems faced in Math Education

  • The first and the foremost problem in Math education is motivation. There may be certain factors that discourage students in traditional teaching methods.
  • The second problem is to aid students to solve problems by using real life examples. Most of the instructors fail to adopt the use of real-life examples to aid students to use math in their real lives.
  • The third problem is related to the low value given to mathematics. Instructors should teach students the importance of mathematics in everyday life and by what means it has to be appreciated.
  • The uttermost problem is related to math standards. In today’s technological era, there is a need of math curriculum that set new standards that conform new technological developments, namely computer based instructions.


Application of Technology in Math Education

  • Spreadsheet Programs such as algebraic functions, equation calculator, or other word processors supports complex and complicated calculations. Spreadsheets are of great use to students to encourage probabilistic situations, construct algebraic expression, and can also be used to search patterns.
  • Computer software also aids students to learn transformational Geometry that is by easy transformation of data to graphics. Using these software’s students can conduct concept demonstration and experiments.
  • Technology can be used for the betterment of the students and to enhance their individual learning pattern. That is technology can provide a speedy feedback regarding the correctness of their work. Computers also support collaborative learning.

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