The web is one of the largest ways to search kickass information that you need. It has a lot of data to be surfed on the web. But, simply browsing on the web may lead to theft of your personal information. A lot of spies are eyeing at your internet connection.

They can enter into your system bypassing the firewall security and decontaminate the system health. Your personal info may be leaked as well. You might be shocked to know that your ISP is possibly spying at your surfing sessions 24X7.

It has the full reports. But you can easily bypass all the security threats and government censorships by simply using a VPN.

How to find the out the best VPN on the internet?

There are various number of VPN providers, but only some can be trusted for their services. If you are looking for a best and trusted VPN provider then this VPN should be considered by you. Let us fully explore the most important information about this VPN in this review alongside.

Why one should use Hide All IP VPN?

Hide ALL IP is one of the trusted VPNs to make sure that your internet sessions are fully anonymous on the web. It works to hide your original IP against the web snoopers. Your identity is totally protected and a random IP is assigned to you which is the IP of Hide All IP’s server.

These vpn servers are well encrypted and all the web traffic routes through them. Their remote servers receive your fake IP address that makes your browsing safer.

You need not worry about the info as Hide All IP doesn’t stores the logs. Your browsing sessions are not tracked on the servers. The best thing is that you get the access to all the websites that are blocked in your country as you can generate the IP of any random country. Learn more about its features below.

Important Features of Hide All IP VPN

Hide All IP is stuffed with an exclusive range of features. You can explore some of the best features of this tool alongside.

Dynamic IP Address
Click on ‘Connect’ button to get a random IP. Your original IP address will be hidden. The random IP address is generated instantly.

If anyone is trying to gain access to your system, he/she will be able to see only the fake IP address. This fake IP is dynamic in nature which is changed automatically or manually. It deletes all the risks of hacking or any theft.

Change your Location
As Hide All IP has servers located at the different places in different countries, you can get connected to server of your preference. The list of locations will be viewable to you. You just need to tap ‘Connect’ button alongside different locations. Your IP gets changed to the your chosen location’s IP. This IP can be anytime according to your needs.

Encrypted Data Transfer
The RC4 and RSA 1024 are believed to be the safest security standards. All your inbound and outbound connections are encrypted using these standards. They are government level encryption used on governmental websites. Anyone who is trying to spy you will have no idea about the type of device you are connected to. Moreover, the spy cannot track what data is getting transmitted.

Remote DNS Lookups
Remote DNS Technology that is used by Hide All IP prevents tracing of your DNS. The remote DNS can be easily accessed without the risk of any data leakage.

Access TV Internet
Based on user locations, the TV providers like Hulu, BBC, Netflix etc prevents users from watching few movies, videos, songs etc. But as you can get connected to IP of different country, you will be able to watch your favorite TV shows without any restrictions.

All Apps & Games Supported
It supports all web browsers, messaging applications, instant video players, games, and much more.

Prevents WebRTC IP Leak
WebRTC technology is designed for the web browsers having RTC (real time communication) abilities. Though the Chrome/Firefox/Opera support the WebRTC, but you can use it for identifying IP addresses of end users. It creates a totally safe WebRTC work mode for users.

No Logs Policy
Unlike most of its competitors, Hide All IP is pretty serious about not storing the user data. Its ‘No Logs’ policy prevent it from storing the vital information of the user or any browsing session history.

Supports UDP Based Applications
TCP based apps along with the UDP based apps & games are also supported by this tool. It even supports the UDP player applications.

Torrent Support
It hurts if your IP is leaked in public. As a torrent user, you can hide your original IP from getting leaked in public on torrent websites. You can use a random IP and stay safe from any of the issues that may arise on using torrent sites.

Support HTTP Tunnel
Using Hide All IP VPN, you can bypass any firewall or proxy server settings. It allows you to view videos, play games, and entertain yourself with other stuff as well if you are using the limited network which uses HTTP proxy.

The VPN client of Hide All IP is totally portable. You can use it on CD or USB drive or can even install it on your computer/laptop. It can also be used under the limited network environment.

Safe Browsing Technology
The safe browsing technology ensures that all the cookies are cleared after your browsing session is terminated. No information about your browsing session is leaked.

Hide Windows 8/8.1/10 Metro Based Applications IP
Windows 8/8.1/10 metro applications IP address can be hidden using this VPN. It supports Microsoft Edge Browser and the Enhanced Protected Mode on Internet Explorer.

Find Best Servers for just Any Game Automatically
Once you enter the host IP or game server details, Hide All IP notifies fake IP server to send ping to the game server. You will then be connected to the fastest game server. You can thoroughly have an uninterrupted gaming experience.

You just need to make a cheap payment of $29 to opt for the uninterrupted services from Hide All IP VPN for a year. After you have completed the payment procedure, you will get a key to activate the tool. To test the services first before buying, you can download the tool and use it for free for 3 days.