If you want to secretly monitor the activities of your kid, or maybe check on your spouse but you think that buying a spying app in India that comes in your budget will not be possible, then we are here to help you. I am pretty sure even if you have landed on a cheap spying app, you were reluctant to buy it thinking that it would be a total waste of your time and money. We are here for you and hence why we have brought you a list of top 3 mobile spying apps in India under Rs. 4,000. Yup, they are packed with good features and they don’t break your bank. Here is our list of best spying apps in India under 4000INR.

Best Spying Apps in India Under Rs.4,000

best mobile spying apps in India
Here are some of the best spying apps in India which we have tested and found better than rest. Hope you found your mobile spying apps in India.

1.TheOneSpy (Starts from Rs.499 a Month)



TheOneSpy is an ultimate cell phone and computer monitoring software that allow user to monitor target device remotely via online control panel. The application is packed with voice, data, and location packages and costs you RS: 499 per month in the light version with all static features such as SMS spy, call logs, browsing history, bookmarks GPS tracking, surround recording, screen recording and much more with spy on all popular social messengers. TheOneSpy is 100% compatible with Android & iOS mobile devices and Mac & Windows computer machine.

It is all in one package for your monitoring and spying needs, best for parental control and employee monitoring. This surveillance software offers both type of working modes i.e. stealth mode and visible mode. It is upon the user preferences either he/she wants it be visible or hide on the target device.

2. Xnspy (Starts from Rs.534.49 a Month)
best spying apps in India

Xnspy is an advanced monitoring app that lets you spy on someone’s phone by working in stealth mode. It’s available in basic and premium edition. The price of the basic edition starts from Rs.534.49 a month and the price of the premium edition starts from Rs.801.42 a month. Xnspy is compatible with Android and iOS devices. The best thing is that Xnspy with and without jailbreak versions are available. It allows you to remotely check whatever you want from the target phone. Take a look at its features:

Monitor Phone and Call Logs
Xnspy can help you with learning who the target device talks to and what they are talking about. You can: View call logs, View text messages, Watchlist the contacts

Access Instant Messenger Chats
As instant messenger apps are widely used for communication, sharing photos and images, Xnspy allows you to read someone’s IMs too. You can read chats, photos and videos from:
Facebook Messenger, iMessage, WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, Line, Kik, Tinder, Instagram

Track GPS Location
Want to know where the target phone owner is? You can do that with Xnspy’s location tracking feature. it supports: Location monitoring, Location history tracking, Geofencing and setting alerts on specific locations.

Read emails and monitor online activities
Xnspy even lets you see what the target phone views on the internet. That’s not it, you can also: Read sent and received emails, Monitor bookmarks, Monitoring browsing history

Recording calls and surrounding
Want to hear what they are talking about? With Xnspy, you can:
-Record and listen to phone calls
-Recording and listen to phone surrounds

Remotely Control the Target Phone
Xnpsy not just lets you spy on a device, but it also lets you remotely control it.
You can:
-Block an app
-Lock the phone itself
-Remotely wipe phone data
-View the installed apps
-Take live screenshots
Other than these features, you can also view the photos, videos and audio files downloaded in the phone.

3. mSpy (Starts from Rs. 1,924.31 a Month)
best spying apps in India

mSpy is also one of the mobile spying apps in India that falls in the list of apps that are below Rs. 4,000. It is basically a parental control app and it is available in three bundles. The basic bundle starts from Rs. 1,924.31 a month. Other bundles are expensive. Note that the basic bundle does not support all features of the app. One of the best spying apps in India.
Here are some of the features that you will be getting if you subscribe for mSpy:
-Monitor call logs
-Track text messages
-Track GPS location
-Monitor the internet usage
-Read instant messages
It is compatible on IOS (with and without jailbreak available) and Android. However, like most of the mobile spying apps, all of its features do not work on the no jailbreak version.

4. Copy9 (Starts from Rs.1661.87 a Month)

Copy9 also falls in the list of some of the affordable mobile spying apps in India. It works similar to other spying apps and you can also use it to monitor someone’s phone. Copy9 is specifically designed to help parents monitor their kids. Although it is compatible with Android and iOS but there is a problem. If you have an iPhone, you will have to jailbreak it to install the app because it does not offer no jailbreak version. The app is available in 3 different versions and the higher you go the better features you get. The Standard version starts from Rs.1385.96 a month, the Premium version starts from Rs.1,661.87 a month and the Gold version starts from Rs.1937.78 a month. Here are some of the best features of this app:
-GPS Location Tracking
-Monitor Internet Activities
-Monitor calls and SMS
-Call recording
-Remotely control the device
-Key logger
-Monitor instant messages
Note that the standard version of Copy9 does not support all features.

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What’s the best Spying App in India Under 4000INR?

Among the list of the best mobile spying apps in India shared above, we would recommend you to go for Xnspy. It is not just the most affordable option but it also a good value for money. It works well on iOS and Android and it is offering complete spying features that anyone would need to keep tabs on something.