In a life that demands a lot of different commitments, it is easy to lose focus on what is important. Moreover, it gets difficult to complete scheduled tasks on time. Even when you do check off everything on your to-do list for the day, you might miss out on the bigger meaning – your raison d’être or in simple words, your purpose or goal. This is especially useful for working professionals, students who are preparing for competitive exams like GMAT, CAT, UPSC, etc. Let’s move on to Best Apps to Schedule Everything.

Best Apps to Schedule Everything

Here is a list of 5 of the best apps that will help you schedule everything in your life so that you can utilise every moment of your day to the maximum:

TODOIST: To-do lists for task management & errands

best apps to schedule everything

This is a to-do list making application that gets you started on your daily, weekly and monthly tasks that you can add beforehand. You can also sort tasks into various categories – Personal, Shopping, Work etc.  There is also an option to add filters so that you can add Priorities as well as merge tasks added on your list by others. By ticking off the tasks you can easily move ahead in your daily schedule.


best apps to schedule everything

We live more than half of our life online nowadays. There are separate apps for social media, news, entertainment, office work and many more. All of these apps require a separate login and a lot of us do not like to use the same login for say, work related and personal stuff. So here is an app that helps you organise your passwords. This may not be your traditional ‘scheduling’ app but it is an essential item on this list solely because today even our haphazard online life needs organising and scheduling.


best apps to schedule everything

Now, this is an application that provides a comprehensive package for your scheduling needs. This will not only help you create your periodical scheduling lists but also help you track them and estimate how long tasks will take, and view a dashboard that shows what percentage of tasks are complete, incomplete or deferred. This is especially beneficial for people who have to manage their jobs along with other big personal goals. Have to prepare for a big test? Schedule the studies with this app and track your progress as you go along. The various focus areas allow you to see even those tasks that do not have a specific scheduled date under Someday.

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INRIX Traffic Maps & GPS

best apps to schedule everything

So, you take a lot of time to commute to your office and back home. In most of the cases, you are stuck in traffic. What if you could organise your journey so as to minimise time loss and thus help schedule a more productive day? INRIX is an application that does just that. It gives you the best alternative between your saved places allowing you to reduce travel time. It will also help you to contribute so that others in the INRIX community near you can improve their commute. It is a good alternative for the Google Maps app especially for people using the IOS. This is a one of the Best Apps to Schedule Everything easily.


best apps to schedule everything

Nothing really beats the simplicity and practicality of the Google Calendar. If you have to go for one application, just go for this. It is easy to use and has the simplest interface to add, edit and share events and tasks.  You can set events as well as reminders. This is especially good for remembering those birthdays. Moreover, you can synchronise public holiday lists and other lists to the calendar to keep a track of all events that are of importance to you. There are built-in options in other google apps to directly add date and time instances to your calendar so that you do not have to navigate separately to the calendar to add them. A good all-round app.


These were some of the Best Apps to Schedule Everything. We hope that these apps will help you schedule your life so that you can make the most out of the 24 hours that you are given each day. Good luck!