Email has become the prevalent form of communication nowadays. Statistics show that even millennials are easier to reach on email than on any other platform, including social media. People check their inbox several times a day, and the average worker receives about 120 emails daily. Email marketing’s popularity is thus a natural consequence of the intense emailing activity around the globe. Companies have seized the opportunity and are focused on growing their email lists, as they are aware of its incredible potential.

There is one aspect, though, any business has to consider if it communicates through email marketing. The more your email list grows, the greater the chances that invalid, abandoned or fake addresses are added to it. There is one ideal method to get rid of those accounts and clean your database: email verification.

If you are looking for an email validation system you can trust, you’ve come to the right place. In this article we are going to review an email verifier called “ZeroBounce”. Just scroll down and check out our review.

Email Verification Service – ZeroBounce Review


We can start off by saying ZeroBounce has quite a few features you will enjoy. Besides, it’s easy to use and fast, and its prices are affordable. The email verifier allows you to upload your list in either system, in either .txt or .csv formats, and then offers you a password that will protect your data. The software then verifies your list and gives it back to you clean and safe to use. Again, to access your files, you will use your unique password. This way you have more security against data breaches. Data protection is one of the key features of ZeroBounce.

What does ZeroBounce do for you

The email verification system will remove all the addresses you don’t want to keep in your email list, whether they are invalid, abandoned or spam traps that will hurt your sender reputation.

Below are the services provided by ZeroBounce:

  • Email Bounce Detection
    Filters out addresses that will cause your emails to bounce.
  • Email Spam/Abuse Detection
    Removes spam traps and known email complainers – people who have a habit of marking emails as spam.
  • Email Data Append
    Appends missing data to your list, such as name, location, gender or city when the registered IP is provided.

Apart from that, the system detects disposable emails, toxic and catch-all domains, and has its own email validation API that you can hook into your software. In the end, ZeroBounce will also offer you detailed overview reports, so you will be able to see how your data looks like. Plus, you can select which results you would like to download, at your convenience.

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Plans & Pricing are more than attractive:

Number of Emails Price per Email
5K to 100K $0.003
100K to 250K $0.002
250K to 500K $0.0016
500K to 1M $0.0014
1M to 2M $0.001
2M to 5M $0.0008
5M $0.0006
over 5 Million Call For Pricing

To give you the chance to try their email validation system before you decide to buy it, ZeroBounce offers you 100 free credits. That means you can verify your first 100 email addresses for free. Check out their website and test them out!