A Comprehensive Guide About SSL Certificates

SSL Certificates
SSL Certificates

Are you an online shopper? Do you run an online business? Do you prefer online transactions rather than hand-to-hand?

If yes, then you should definitely know about SSL certificates and their importance. We are sure a many of you must be already aware of using SSL certificate for your website, still if any doubts and want to know more, then keep reading this article..

We all agree that we are living in the world of digitization, thus our lives today are totally mechanized and digital. Online marketplaces are now a part of our daily routine. When you visit online store to purchase product/services, you may seen a green padlock icon in the browser address bar and https:// in beginning of site address, This means the website is secure to do online transactions without a threat of data interception or phishing attacks.

When you sign in on a website with your own account – such as ecommerce, blogging, personal banking, social media sites etc., then you will required to submit your personal name, contact number, Email id, bank details etc. Such details are required to register on the particular website, now if the website is not secured with SSL then there will be a chance of your personal details get stolen or misused. Therefore, the crux is that whenever you use any website for your work, hobby or financial transactions make sure the hosting website is secure with SSL/TLS certificates.

Another factor that grabs our attention towards increase cyber attacks day by day. There’s a lot of cyber protocols and cybersecurity methods being implemented by the government and a proper surveillance has been promoted to tighten the security on the Internet. Among all this SSL certificate plays an important role. Here’s are the best 10 things you should about SSL/TLS (Secure Sockets Layer/Transport Layer Security) encryption. 

What is an SSL Certificate?

SSL Certificates
SSL Certificates

Technically speaking – SSL certificates are the digital certificates that are digitally bound with the cryptographic keys (public keys and private keys) in order to offer an extra layer of security to the website and secure all the transactions between client and server. One good part is SSL certificate comes with trusted site seal and enables green padlock icon in address bar that helps in building user trust. This may lead the customers to know that they are in safe hands and all their confidential information is secure. SSL certificate is used to establish encrypted connection between web browser and web server. Typically, browser indicates Https:// in prefix of site URL, where a padlock sign appears in the URL window of the browser.

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Reason to Obtain Trusted SSL certificates

A Extended Validation certificate proves strong authenticity for a company and its website. You will have to submit some legal documents and papers to the CA. However, There are three types of validation for SSL – Domain Validation (DV), Organization Validation (OV), and Extended Validation (EV).

All these three validation method conducted by trusted Certificate Authorities to issue an SSL certificate. Generally, DV SSL issued after automated domain validation method within few minutes. OV SSL issued only after validation of organization details and domain ownership. Whereas, EV SSL certificates are issued after strict validation method followed by CA. EV SSL certificate proves strong authentication & security of your domains.

EV certificate can be used for securing e-commerce website or any other large enterprises which involves handling private information. SSL certificate available for Sub-domain and multiple domains protection. In case you need only one SSL certificate for all the subdomains then Wildcard SSL certificate is best for you. 

SSL certificates for Multi-domain

If your online business has multiple domains then taking up an SSL certificate that covers all under one roof will be advisable and will help in securing all in one go. You can have Comodo Multi-Domain SSL Certificate that can be issued instanly after proper authentication process followed by trusted Comodo certificate authority.

From where should we get the SSL CERTIFICATES?

Many SSL certificate providers or resellers offer different types of SSL certificates from trusted certificate authorities at great discount price. Depending on your business and type of online store, you own they give you the best solutions for your website. You may get SSL certificates that will secure single domain, subdomains, or multi-domains. Take a look at few that offer SSL certificates: Comodo SSL, Symantec, GoDaddy SSL, GeoTrust and etc.

Is a dedicated IP address for my SSL Certificate required?

With its establishment and for smooth running of TLS/SSL first, you need to set up a secured communication channel so that later any information that is transmitted via computer and the server is secured. SNI (Server Name Indication) allows server to connect multiple SSL certificates on same IP address without requiring all sites to use same certificate. So, there is not dedicated IP address required for installation of SSL certificate. So when a browser connects to your IP address it will completely give the details of the SSL certificate, which you have installed. In case anything goes wrong, the browser will complain about the certificate not received or domain name not matching which the browser is trying to connect.

Importance of SSL certificate

If your website handles online transactions, then data prevention becomes necessity. HTTPS feature is a saviour. but only this will also not give hundred percent security from the unauthorized parties. Furthermore, SSL help to prevent chances of theft and security risk, which may lead to serious data loss to your business. Moreover, for e-commerce websites, it becomes quite prudent to get TLS/SSL with HTTPS security as the customers do financial transactions via their websites and their personal details and credit card details’ security is very crucial. Thus, SSL certificate is imperative for kinds of business be it a small business or a big one.

 SSL certificate security is robust as it is certified

With SSL certificate, you get a trusted Site Seal which you can place on web pages to provide strong verification. All the SSL certificates can be issued after valdiating domain or organization by trusted certificate authority – in short, calls it as CA such as Comodo, RapidSSL, GeoTrust, Symantec, GeoTrust, GlobalSign etc. These certificate authorities are trusted and offers static or Dynamic trusted Secured Site Seal. By clicking on that seal, user can find the issued Certificate details. 

How hard it is to set up the SSL certificate?

So, it can come as a surprise to you that SSL/TLS are tricky and tough to handle and set-up, but it isn’t. You can take online assistance of SSL certificate provider in order to configure SSL certificate on server. Even they provide you tutorials about SSL installation on particular server. They write blog to understand SSL certificate installation instruction. Rest, the installation process is easy and SSL certificate can be issued immediately and max can take 3-4 days. These certificates have expiry but the admins should know about it renewal process.