In this tech-saturated world, it can be a little difficult to keep eye on your children. Without any parental supervision, they may get exposed to offensive content on the web or they may get into trouble as well. As a parent, it is your chore to create a safe online space for your children. Thankfully, with the help of different parental controls, you can make it possible.
Moving on, you should know that parental controls now come in a variety of shapes, i.e. as features with the devices, as software and as applications too. Among all available parental controls, the one most efficient and most effective is FamilyTime that works not just on the mobile devices, but its interface can be accessed through the web also. To help you have an insight of this app, here I present you FamilyTime review in detail. Have a look!

Overview of FamilyTime

FamilyTime is a parental control app which parents can use to ensure their child’s safety and stay connected with them 24/7. This app is ideal for working parents who have to be out of town a lot and are concerned out their child’s safety. You want your kid to have fun, enjoy life but you know that with less parental supervision, kids tend to put themselves into danger on the web and in real life. It allows you to monitor your kids’ location, check their call logs, view their contacts, track their browsing history and much more, all from a single dashboard. And the great thing about this app is that it is available for free on iTunes and Android.

The app offers a bundle of features to monitor kids digitally and take action where needed. With the app in hand parents can:

  • Check Phone Usage
    View contacts
    Monitor call logs with date and time stamps
    Check SMS history as a thread just as it appears on your kids’ phone
    Watchlist shady contacts to receive alerts whenever the connection is established either through SMS or via call.
  • Watch Apps
    Check all installed apps with their related details such as the app version being used and date of installation for the apps etc.
    Check app usage frequency and see the time spent in each app
    Block harmful or questionable apps and games
  • Track Location
    Track their location in the real time using the virtual map
    Trace their location-history details for past few months with the location detail and time of visit
    Geo-fence important places to receive check in and check out alerts
    Get panic alerts if they feel danger, and instantly check their current location
    Receive PickMeUp alert from kids when it is time to pick them up.
  • Monitor Web Usage
    View browsing history with date and time stamps
    Check bookmarks and favorites
    See the most visited sites
  • Control Device access:
    Schedule auto-screen locks for the specified duration at any time
    Remotely lock their devices to restrict device access
  • Set Drive Safety
    Set speed limits for your kids drive rules
    Receive instant over-speed alerts on the violation

And the list goes on. So, now, get this app and turn your parenting style into digital parenting!