Movies are the best way to relax during weekends or after a busy working day. There are too many apps to watch movies for Android and iOS. But not many people know that there are some really good apps to watch movies on Windows PC and Windows tablets. You can also watch movies on the go on your Windows smartphones. There are a few good apps for Xbox One for streaming movies. Most of the apps for Windows 10 are subscription based. Here’s the list of best apps for Windows 10 Operating System for watching movies. You can also checkout for the free unblocked movies.


Cinema 4 Free

This is one of the best apps for streaming movies on Windows 10 Operating System. You’ll see a good collection of random movies whenever you launch this app. The search function works like a charm and helps to search movies by their year of release, language or by title. Most of the movies in this app are in English and French languages. 31+ Sites To Watch Movies online by There are over 3000 users for this app with an average rating of 4.40/5. It’s definitely one of the promising apps for streaming movies and it is safe to use.

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Well, Netflix needs no introduction. All of us are well aware about their awesome collection of TV shows, movies and their originals ofcourse. Netflix app is available for Xbox One and Windows 10 mobile and PC. It’s subsctiption fees starts from $8 per month. You can access Netflix app on multiple devices if you subscribe for $12 per month plan. There is also ultra HD option in this plan. The best plan on Netflix is $10 per month which allows you to access it on 2 devices simultaneously with a high definition playback.

Free Instant Movies

Most of the movies on Free Instant Movies app are available in high definition. The movie buffs who love to watch the movies in good resolution would definitely love this app. The best thing about this app is you need not register or sign up for watching movies. This app has one of the largest collection of movies for Windows apps. It works seamlessly. Just tap on your favorite movie and it starts streaming instantly. It’s collection includes movies in all the popular genres. They update the collection regularly and it keeps on expanding. It smoothly mirrors the movies on large screens in case if you want to enjoy the movie on television.

Movie Planet

Movie Planet works as a movie directory for YouTube. We all know that YouTube has thousands of movies available for free streaming. There are many TV shows and full-length movies on YouTube. Movie Planet indexes all the movies on YouTube and puts it in one place. So, it’s easy for the users to browse the movies. There are over 5,000 movies in various genres for free streaming. It has got movies in action, romance, war, comedy, drama, fantasy, musical etc. categories. They update this app almost everyday. You can sort out the movies based on IMDB ratings. Under every movie it displays the cast & crew and the movie synopsis. For more free movies checkout KAT unblocked.


Vudu has a great app for Windows 10 platform. You have to pay subscription fees for watching TV shows and movies on Vudu app for Windows 10. One unique thing about Vudu is it works on pay per view model. You just have to pay for the movie you want to watch on the Vudu app. You can own the movies as well as rent them. It costs you $1 for renting a single movie. Most of the movies are available in high definition. You can also puchase the movies in bulk to save some bucks.