In this article, we will be talking about a process of creating custom patch tool on your favorite android app using LuckyPatcher tool.

Before we deep- dive into a topic, we would need to know the basics of creating Custom patch on your android app.

Custom Patch in your favorite android app means that you will create an environment in your favorite app as per your requirements such as unlimited points in your favorite games,etc.

Here is the process as following:

  • At first, you need to have a root access to you gadget for which you have to root your android telephone since this fortunate patcher works just with an established telephone and it is difficult to work without having a root access on your gadget.
  • -Lucky patcher is the software which is utilized to change .apk files(.apk is the arrangement utilized for android applications and diversions). You cannot almost hack/crack the app using the tool.
  • Its an incredible software used to change authorizations, evacuate ads and accommodating in changing a trail version software into an aggregate full version software with all highlights as on a genuine full version software by utilizing a custom patch in fortunate patcher software.
  • At the same time, you can also easily backup the available files with the help of using lucky patcher without getting into titanium backup. However, these are all said to be the outdated ones.
  • When it comes to creating a custom patch, it is quite easy for the users to handle and lead to convert the trail version into full version software with the help of lucky patcher.
  • One should keep it in mind that the patch file must have the similar name as it’s mainly target APK.
  • In case, if the file is said to be the custom patch for the respective application is exists already, then you can proceed over to add at the beginning of the file name of any respective text and then lead to saving it near to existing process.
  • Note: Make sure that do not remove jumps or lead them to unconditional. If it is done, then the optimizer will crash and then the patch will not work further. To avoid this issues, you need to use conditional jumps. Rooting and using LuckyPatcher tool will get your device out of warranty and is also illegal to do it, think before initiating the process.

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Final words –

In this article, we have talked on how to use Lucky Patcher tool to create a custom patch in your favorite android app. Thank you for reading and let us know if we have missed out on anything via comments section.