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There are multiple ways through which your data can lose your sight and ultimately end into the hands of the prying eyes. For instance, you might be having data that is confidential and you are unwilling to share the same data with anyone as you are afraid you might just lose the ownership over it. This problem can be easily resolved with the help of copy protection software. These software are well equipped with the ability to of preventing any type of data duplication activity letting you have a complete peace of mind.

Creating a backup:

The most important thing you could do is to upload your data whether confidential or not on the cloud to make sure you are well able to recover it in case of data loss. Most of the programs we use are not reliable and usually bring along viruses and malwares that are harmful. Hence, since we are not aware of what is trustable and what is not, we face the consequences. This factor cannot be eliminated however, the same risk factor can be reduced to the least possible level by creating a backup and recovering the data whenever necessary. Make sure that the automatic syncing of data is enabled and that you are not bound to store the data again and again on the cloud.

Use an anti-virus:

Anti-virus is an another form of data security method that helps us restrict the unwanted viruses, malwares, Trojans and more that destroy our files and make them inaccessible. However, this option is only usable if we’re dealing with data that is not confidential.

Password protection:

An easy yet effective way of data security is to use the password protected folder option which is usually provided by third party software. You can also do it internally by storing data in the notepad files and password protecting them separately. This however becomes a hassle as doing this step with each file might be a hectic job to pull-off. Instead, you can opt for the folder locking and file locking software that do the hefty work for you.
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One of the most useful, reliable and effective means of data security is the encryption option. When you encrypt, you make the data inaccessible and the data becomes in an encrypted ‘unreadable’ form. However, when you enter your password to access your files, your data becomes ‘decrypted’ making it visible to the audience. Hence, since you are the only one having the password, you need not to worry as long as you do not share the password, you are safe. Furthermore, in the encrypted state, your data is entirely safe as nobody no matter how technical the hacker may be would simply fail to decrypt the encrypted data without the password. The creators of best AES encryption softwares themselves have claimed that it is impossible for anyone to hack and access your data. There are many file encryption and folder encryption software that do this stuff for you.