Education has become one of the basic necessities of mankind. The whole advancement of any society depends upon the education that the younger generation receives. The education sector has been through various reforms due to several constraints. At present, the education is revolutionized by integrating technology in the learning process and making learning more efficient, student-friendly, and engaging.


Several constraints of the traditional education system have been overcome with the help of technology-integrated learning. Among the several benefits that technology has in the learning sector, some of the top ones are mentioned here.


  • Cost, Accessibility & Availability

With the advancement of technology and with the advent of the internet, the whole world of knowledge is now available in just a few clicks. Also, with online learning, students sitting in any corner of the world can access global content and information in an instant.

Students can even get their textbook solutions and clear their doubts quickly without having to pile those doubts up. For example, if a CBSE class 8 student has doubt in a particular question, he/ she can easily clear their doubts instantly as the NCERT Solutions For Class 8are readily available on the internet for free.

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  • Personalized Learning

Using adaptive technology, making learning personalized learning is possible now. Most online learning platforms and apps use big data and cloud computing to understand the unique learning traits of the learners and present the content accordingly. This helps the students to learn at their own pace and style which eventually improves their learning effectivity.


  • Engagement & Visualized Learning

The learning efficiency of the students is enhanced a lot if they start visualizing what they learn. With visualized learning, students can easily understand the concepts better and retain them for longer. Apart from that, technology tool like simulations, 3D animations and printing, games, etc. helps the students to have a better understanding and practical knowledge about the concepts.


These were a few ways in which technology is revolutionizing the education sector. It is interesting to know that almost everyone owning a digital device and accessing the internet is using online learning in one way or the other. There are several websites that provide quality educational materials that are available for free and can be accessed by anyone. This is especially beneficial for the students who want solutions to their textbook questions like NCERT solutions. Learn more about the NCERT solutions here and clear any doubt instantly.