You need to do everything you possibly can to increase number of
Instagram followers because it is going to play a big role in making your marketing campaign a real success. You can try many tools, you can find many apps, and you can find many tricks to make your stories work. However, you should educate yourself about certain concepts that can have a direct impact on your campaigns. Something you need to learn more about is how Instagram Live and Facebook Live can help you with your business.

Facebook and Instagram are two different social media platforms though their creator is the same. Since both of them support different features so the strategies of using them must be different in order to achieve maximum benefits.

Beneficial Tips and Strategies for Facebook Live

Posting the Live Video

Once you are finished broadcasting your live video on Facebook, post it on your wall so that people who missed your live session or joined you in-between the session can also view it. It will remain on your wall as long as you want and people can watch it whenever they want.

Tagging People.

You can tag relevant people in the comment section of your live video as soon as it gets completed and posted on your wall. You can also tag viewers in your posted video to recognize their presence in your live video and give them the message that their presence matters. Tag the people for whom this video might be useful but they missed it live.

Give Description on Posted Video

Post your live video with appropriate heading and attractive description which increases the probability of viewers to watch it later. You can add a relevant hashtag too so that people can find your video in the future too.
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Turn On Commenting

While you are live you can view your viewer`s response if you turn ON commenting and can also post relevant links and other info in the comments.

Beneficial Tips and Strategies for Instagram Live

Utilizing he Sense of Urgency

Instagram videos disappear from your profile as soon as you complete broadcasting. They are no more there for viewing later. This creates a sense of urgency when someone is live. Followers tend to watch the video then and there so they don`t miss it.  You must make the most of this urgency and deliver your message in the most effective manner.

Giving Recaps

If you are broadcasting a long video it’s always a good idea to keep giving a brief recap at short intervals so that viewers who join you in-between can also get the core of your live session. In this way, you won`t lose your viewers who will join you later.

Pin Comments

You can use the commenting feature while you are live on Instagram. Pin the relevant comments every now and then. You can also pin your CTA and refer users to your link in bio. This is an interesting feature and you can keep pinning questions and appreciate comments to increase the engagement and also to keep the new viewers updated about what’s going on.

Advertising Your Live Video

Since Instagram live videos disappear once they are finished, you must advertise them beforehand in an effective manner to attract the maximum number of viewers. Here you can make use of the sense of urgency too and create a hype so users make sure they won`t miss it. Post ahead of going live and let the audience know what it will be about but don’t disclose all the details. Let them be curious and wait for the details when you are live.

The bottom line is that how you approach both Facebook and Instagram will have a huge impact on the success of your marketing campaign. They both share an as manager platform, but they have different features that you can take advantage of. The good option is to propagate your live video on both channels for maximum engagement. This is the best way to ensure that you get the best value for your marketing dollar