Do you know about the corporate gifting culture? Recently the corporate gifting is provided as internal or external gifts to managers, staff or executives by the top management.  These are gifts to people involved in decision making and operations and the external gifts are to clients. Here are 5 major benefits of corporate gifting:

1. Builds Solidity and Confidence in the Company

When internal corporate gifts are given, it helps the employees in recognizing their company as a whole. At the same time, a gift received by specific worker or a team of workers makes them happy as their work is appreciate by executives and management, thus their confidence gets shaped.

These corporate gifts are appreciated even by shareholders on receiving as internal rewards during meetings and this ensures the shareholders that their investments are appreciated and worthwhile.

2. Builds Brand Image

Corporate gifting parted externally helps in building brand image among clients in association with loyalty. Apart from this more new customers get attracted on receiving corporate gifts and are more than please to stay in professional relationship.

3. Attracts New Clients and Customers

Free gifts given to customers helps reaching further and results in bringing more customers as they get attracted again. Having a gift or receiving a gift means you have something to remind them as visual object. This cannot be forgotten.

4. More Networks

Corporate gifting may not be always simple objects such as a pen or a t-shirt bearing the logo of the company. In fact, many companies give their clients exclusive products available at Source SG Corporate Gift Portal or from the market. This shows that clients are treated special.

5. Brand Recognition

The corporate gifts are useful products and long lasting such as key chains, tote-bags, pens, memo-pads, notebook or some daily use office supplies. Thus with their company logo or image on the product means it reminds of their product or the company consistently.

Internal corporate gifting benefits are many. They help in enjoying the solidity and rewarding specific workers as recognition to their hard work and externally they attract existing and more new customers, besides builds recognition, brand image and loyalty.

Importance of Corporate Gifting

The very idea of corporate gifting is pleasing and the gifts can be anything right from gift hampers to flowers and wine, subscription gifting or a chocolate box. Choosing the right method of gifting and the right gift is important.

Why Gift Clients

Marketing is a way of staying in touch with clients and this is done through email. There are benefits of corporate gifting and the reasons to send clients gifts highlights:

Gifting Reinforces Brand

Display that your brand represents thoughtfulness and values relationships by going an extra mile of gifting. This gifting ensures customisable branding and your logo receives recipient’s warmth.


Bridges Relationship

Corporate gifting brings clients closer even if they are located on separate continents. This gives a chance to continuously stay in touch and thus the client relationship is nurtured.

Staying in Touch Promotes Bond

The working relationship stays connected and with corporate gifting culture, the contact lines get opened up. Thus more opportunities are provided and business can be discussed. Your gift will always keep you in front of the recipients mind and you can enjoy being in good books.
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Gifting Apart From Competitions

Your clients may be working with more people and on considering your gifting attitude, you can make your clients your favourite. Thus, it requires you to be really thoughtful about gifting and ensure a right gift is given to the right person.

For best results consider giving corporate gifting as a serious practice and culture, proving to be a professional company. Look for quality choice of gifts; visit our gift portal for extensive collection making appropriate corporate gifts. Strengthen your relationship, giving a tough stand to your competitors and hold the business market.