It’s been 10 years since android was dropped into our hands. With Sweeter names than every next version brings the new alluring features. After nougat, Andy Rubin, for his Love for the deserts named the version of Android after our favourite cookie treat Oreo. The 8th version of Android is termed as sweeter as and faster than ever version of Android. Let’s see how sweeter the treat is.

The 8th major update and 15th version of Android is named after our favourite black and white delight Oreo. Oreo is brought to the market in August 2017.With super amazing features. Android Oreo is slightly more effective, sweeter and faster than nougat. The android Oreo comes with features which may enhance your Android experience better than nougat. Your next Smartphone may come with the Oreo Os8. Its right time to know what it has to offer.

-Design and Interface.

The Oreo comes with a design which may enhance your Android experience. unlike your recent Smartphone interface, it does not open with an icon sitting aside for your screen. With this version, you can access it from the 3 dots flickering everywhere on your screen.

-With such an interface, the application seems to be sitting on a blank white sheet of paper.

-With Oreo. You can shape your icons in your way. this feature is known as adaptive icons. You can shape your icons in Circles, Squares, and Rounded squares.


The 8th version of Android tends to bring you experience like never before. It brings a feature which lets your icons tell you about your upcoming notifications. The notification dots let you know about the notification and by long pressing, it will display your notifications.

-Dragging it down allows you to snooze the notifications according to you.


–  Just like nougat, this allows you to split screens. Android somehow managed to enhance the experience. it allows you to do multi-tasking. While you playing games or watching videos you can check your emails and reply to your friends along with it.

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-Password auto fill

Oreo lets you experience a new way of securing your credentials. This feature will allow you to auto fill your password with the intellectual framework. You can save, see and manage your auto fill in settings. Next time whenever you try to log in it will ask your permission before.

– Smart text selection

Selecting the text on chrome may be a nerve breaking task. With this enhancement, the task becomes easier. When you are selecting something from the text documents or from anywhere else, it will automatically select the important text and will allow getting access to other handy shortcuts.

The Android Version Oreo tends to bring an experience better and sweeter than ever before. The Oreo is faster and allows its users to get access to the smarter interface which allows you to work with an enhancement. With Google assistant twice faster and experience richer. Oreo may manage to bring something new to your Smartphone experience