If you have a good product or service, concept or idea, the success or failure depends on how well you can market it. You could have the best of products and services or ideas, but unless it is marketed properly and successfully, it will only be a matter of time before it collapses. Hence, you must find out ways and means by which you can market the same successfully. While traditional brick and mortar selling and marketing continues to be important, you cannot ignore the rapidly growing influence and importance of mobile apps. Today almost all products and services are being offered on the mobile app. The reason is not hard to understand. The convenience of using mobile apps for buying products and services is quite obvious and has been proven more than once. Hence, you must have the right mobile app for your products and services. However, this alone is not enough. You must know the ways and means by which you could market the same successfully, and this is where hiring the role of a good mobile app advertising agency and marketing agency comes into play. There are different thought on hiring the service of these professionals. While some believe they are required, there are others who are not very convinced about it. Let us try and find out where exactly the truth lies.

Pros Of Hiring Such Agencies


  • You are hiring creative minds. Creativity is the main thing for marketing any product and service and the same applies to mobile apps too. Hence when you do your research and then hire the right app marketing agency, you stand to benefit in many ways. They will be ready to think out of the box and come out with marketing and sales strategies which are in line with your specific products and services and your specific needs and requirements.


    • Expertise and experience is another area where you could find these professionals extremely useful and offer you value for money. They have been into marketing in general and marketing of mobile apps in particular. Hence, they will be able to know what kinds of activities are suitable for your specific products and services. They will not offer generic solutions but would rather look at specifics and offer custom-made mobile app marketing solutions.


  • They are relevant to changing times. When you hire the right app marketing agency, you can be sure that you will be able to integrate modern day technology into your mobile marketing efforts. They will be able to come out with the best of social media campaigns and other such activities including SEO campaigns. These are extremely important in line with changing times and changing buying habits.




  • Lack of product knowledge or service knowledge. While these professionals might be good at marketing your products and services in many cases unless they do not have the right idea, they will not be able to make much headway. This often is the problem with most app marketing companies. They have little or no knowledge about your product and services, and therefore many times they go in a different tangent which you may not find suitable at all.
  • They are expensive. One of the biggest challenges in hiring these agencies is that they are extremely expensive and could be a drain on your resources. If you are a startup and do not have the resources, you certainly will not be able to hire them. Even hiring them for limited periods of time will not be able to give you the desired results which you might expect from them.



  • Priorities are not the same across the board. Many of these app marketing agencies might have worked only in some areas, and therefore they may lack the entire experience needed for such jobs. Further, their priorities are not always the same and could change from one customer to another. There are many agencies who handle dozens of customers, and therefore they would like to focus on those who have paid more when compared to you. This could lead to dilution of focus, and your app marketing could take a back seat.


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Therefore you must do your research and then choose somebody who is a good mix of experience, expertise, product knowledge and true to his words and assurances.