JEE is one of the toughest competitive examinations to get into the graduation program in IIT. JEE Advanced is the solitary gateway to get into IIT. Students aim for JEE from class 10 and opt for science as the major stream in class 11 in order to enter the top technical education college – IIT. India has 23 IIT colleges spread across the country and has only 11,000 seats in it. Each year almost 12 lakh student appear for JEE mains in hopes of entering the IIT. The toughness and competitiveness among the students are increasing day by day for making a successful attempt by getting a seat.


Many trick and techniques are adopted by students to crack JEE. Smart studying methods and strategies are adopted by the students from day one. Aspiring students start early to take the lead in the competition. It is compulsory to take up maths, chemistry, and physics to take up the JEE exam. The examination is conducted in two phases:

  • JEE Mains
  • JEE advanced

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Remember self-study is the best way to understand the subject and capabilities. Go through some preparation tips for JEE advanced exam written by experts before you start your actual preparations. These articles or tips from experts try to explain to you the reality of getting a seat in IIT through JEE advanced examinations and prepares you for the race. Make sure you attend the classes and coaching regularly without any compromise. Students should clear the doubts and question then and there itself to have a clear understanding of the topics. Concept understanding is the base or foundation for the preparation to any exam.


Each subject has its own approach and students have to follow it exactly. The formulas and derivations involved and concept developed in maths differs from that of physics. Study from the best textbooks and reference guides which are prepared as per the NCERT syllabus. There are many books available from various authors. Refer HC Verma solutions and IIT JEE Physics by Arihantto prepare for physics subject. Study thoroughly Objective Mathematics By R.D. Sharma and Hall and Knight Higher Algebra book for maths. Book by P.W. Atkins and physical chemistry by OP Tandon are the best books for chemistry.

These books are designed and developed keeping in mind of students having understanding capabilities of all levels. These textbooks and reference guides explain concepts, including those needed to solve numerical problems in an effective manner detailly through activities, examples, and presentations. Do your best by putting your 100% efforts. Solve the sample papers and previous year question papers for best results.

Do not forget to follow the all-time educational partner, BYJU’S!! BYJU’S strives to take the concepts and topics to the students to make them comfortable and familiar.