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NerdsDesk – an Indian Based News/Media Website Publication Company that spotlights on Tech News, Gadgets, Business, and all nerdy things happening all around the globe. The website was started on 13 Jan 2015 and till now the website has seen remarkable growth in the stats and brand recognition and is growing higher as the time passes. We have a past experience of 1 year in the news/media field. We Believe in delivering high quality tech feeds at your desk. We constantly updates our website with new updates. Do subscribe us for instant Feeds!


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Founder of Nerdsdesk

Shivam Goel
Founder & C.E.O 


Hi Pals! First of all we are really glad that you took some time to know more about us. I am teen blogger from India. I am currently pursuing Computer Engineering (2nd Year) From a reputed government college. I love to play games, watch movies, and everything related to tech i.e why i started NerdsDesk.  I contribute to 70% of nerdsdesk articles and I also manage our entire team. If you want to know more about me ping me on my social profiles.
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Contributor at Nerdsdesk


Dinesh is also a techie guy. He is a die hard fan of Robert Downey and his movies apart from this he loves to read books majorly by author Sidney Sheldon and he also Spends his most of the time Studying and Surfing. He is Currently studying 12th in a Local School (Non-med). On the other side Dinesh is not so social and definitely doesn’t talk much. You can always find him Watching movies/seasons or studying. He contributes to Nerdsdesk in his Free time with some High Quality Tech articles.

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Contributor at Nerdsdesk


Gaurav is an Ethical Hacker. He manages his own blog DecodedReview.com and sometimes contribute to NerdsDesk with his short and point to point articles. He is quite a gamer and spends much of his time playing GTA V. He has little bit of skills in all fields either in programming or hacking apart from this he loves biking and he owns a R15 and can be seen racing on his city roads.

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Prithvi is currently pursuing diploma in CSE and is quite a sportsman. Apart from sports he loves to watch South Indian Movies and also travels alot. He works as an Editor.

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